Tonight: Space Disco Beasties Tribute in New Orleans

We’re sure there will be plenty of Beastie Boys tributes over the next few days in honor of the late Adam “MCA” Yauch, who passed away today after a long battle with cancer. One of these tributes will take place at The Maison late night this evening down in New Orleans. Turntablist Wyllys (an HT contributor) and Umphrey’s McGee keyboardist Joel Cummins will play an impromptu Beastie Boys tribute along with special guests including Steve Molitz of Particle, drummer Terrence Houston (George Porter Jr., Dark Matter), Future Rock bassist Felix Moreno and Wyllys’s New York Hustlers band mates Jennifer Hartswick and Natalie “Chainsaw” Cressman. “In the spirit of New Orleans, we’re taking the songs deep into uncharted territories. This is not to be missed,” Wyllys tells us. The Beasties performance will segue into the Space Disco (Wyllys and Cummins) set. The action starts at 2AM sharp.


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    I want to live in a town where concerts begin at 2 AM

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