Hors d’Oeuvres: Jackie Greene On His Online Absence

Singer/songwriter and HT fave Jackie Greene recently decided to take a break from social networking. Over the course of the 17-day hiatus close friends he encountered in “the real world” told him online reactions to his sudden disappearance included “Is He Dead?” “Did He Retire?” and “I Hope He’s Okay.” Turns out the opposite was true, Jackie was having too good a time living his life to be bothered with Twitter and Facebook. In a thought-provoking blog entry titled “The Evaporation of The Genuine Self,” the brilliant musician explains why he took the break, why he’s bewildered at the reaction to his hiatus and why he felt the need to return to social networking.

Here’s six other stories of note on this last Monday of July…

Before we go, a Tenacious D concert at the House of Blues in Las Vegas was cut short on Saturday night when an attendee was stabbed as part of a melee that broke out. The stabbing led to Tenacious D leaving the stage about halfway through their planned performance. The LVPD is still investigating the incident after releasing two suspected participants who have been cleared.



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