Video: Gwar – Carry On My Wayward Son

It’s no secret we’ve become huge fans of the AV Club’s Undercover series in which band’s tackle classic cover tunes from the publication’s office studio. Until now, it seemed the bar for quality went up with every new installment. Well, that was before Gwar showed up and set the standard permanently. From the banter to the note for note rendition of the classic Kansas song, Gwar wins in all categories. I actually feel sorry for anyone who comes next. It’s like having Jimi Hendrix open your headlining gig.

Here’s the quote of the day right here, “Kansas was a big part of music when bands were often named after geographical locations. Let’s just hope that never happens again, because those bands suck.”


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5 thoughts on “Video: Gwar – Carry On My Wayward Son

  1. Ian Reply



  2. Ben Reply

    Gwar is terrible. That guy can’t sing sh**. I like screaming but he hides behind it, hoping no one notices he is tone deaf… I like a little irreverency too but saying that Kansas sucks and implying the same of Boston, Chicago, and the like is just plain stupid.

    • davis Reply

      Tone Deaf? Maybe on this song, agree, but Dave has one of the most unique and greatest voices in metal. Gwar IS the hardest working bands around. The work they go into putting on a show is unheard of. Arrive at a show at 11:00am, start setting up and not get packed up till at least 2am. Not to mention Dave (and other members of slavepit) has more talent than anyone in the industry. Creating their own stage props, costumes etc. Almost 30 years and still going.

  3. kumachan Reply

    these guys suck

  4. Ted Jameson Reply

    Sheer Brilliance indeed. They killed that. Fantastic satire taboot, taboot!

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