Briefly: Phil Lesh Hints at Guest For Extended Roseland Shows

On November 11th, 12th and 13th, Phil Lesh and Friends are scheduled to play the Roseland Ballroom in New York City as part of the group’s Fall Tour. Phil’s Facebook Page has just been updated with word that each of the shows will feature a third set with a “very special guest.” No word yet on just who this guest will be. Anyone want to wager a guess as to who it will be?


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12 thoughts on “Briefly: Phil Lesh Hints at Guest For Extended Roseland Shows

  1. Ruben Amaro and Cerise Reply

    trey? or is that too obvious?

  2. Frankieflounder Reply

    I say “Big Red.” Is TAB tour over by then??

  3. Reverend Justito Reply

    Mayor Bloomberg will come out on stage rocking a 64 ounce soda.

  4. Gary Reply

    Trey seems the obvious choice, though he could be in the studio with Phish at that point.

  5. JRapp Reply

    Warren Haynes?

  6. DJ Gooch Reply

    Jerry Hologram

  7. tomm Reply

    It’s got to be Chris Robinson, MacDougall is already announced and crb is playing Irving plaza the night before

  8. Willis D Saw Reply


  9. Chad B. Reply

    Barraco, Warren and Jimmy Herring are all in town for at least one of these nights.

  10. Jeff Hitz Reply

    The way he worded it could mean a different guest each of the three nights, couldn’t it?

  11. Pm Reply

    Yeah, Jerry Garcias black t – shirt will make a cameo.

  12. Emory Reply

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