Video: The Night The Grateful Dead Met The Bangles

One of the more unusual pairings in Grateful Dead history occurred on October 18, 1988 at the Kiefer Lakefront Arena in New Orleans, when the psychedelic rock heroes were joined not only by their friends The Neville Brothers for the Iko Iko, Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door encore but also by The Bangles.

The Bangles, just over a year removed from the massive success of Walk Like An Egyptian and Manic Monday, were about the last band you’d think would join the Dead onstage, however the all-female quartet jetted from their gig opening for George Michael at The Superdome that night to sit in with Jerry and the gang. A video of the rollicking Iko Iko just popped up on YouTube…

Grateful Dead w/ The Bangles and The Neville Brothers


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4 thoughts on “Video: The Night The Grateful Dead Met The Bangles

  1. G Reply

    I still have a crush on Susanna Hoffs.

  2. barry Reply

    Bob Weir was dating one of the Bangles and that’s how this sit in came to happen..

  3. Sean Reply

    We were front and center on the floor at this show. We were feelin’ mighty groovy when these chicks hit the stage and I recognized the tall one, “I think that’s the Bangles?!?” My friend Flip said, “No F’ing Way”!….. Then the tall on struck a pose “Like an Egyptian” and we fell out in uncontrollable laughter!!!

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