Video: Talking Heads – (Nothing But) Flowers

Among all the hits in the Talking Heads catalog, the band had a few singles that didn’t hit as big as Psycho Killer, Once In A Lifetime or Burning Down the House, but that stack right up amongst the best in the catalog. (Nothing But) Flowers off the band’s last studio album, Naked, is one of those songs. In fact, it might actually be David Byrne’s best lyrical song of all and musically it’s right up there too.

The reason for the inclusion of (Nothing But) Flowers today is that this song has a certain relevance in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy as so many people continue to await the return of electricity, heat and hot water. This song takes a reverse lens look at a society that goes from being inundated with modern comforts to one that reverts back to its natural undeveloped state. Ironically, where most musicians would sing a song about wanting to get back to nature, Byrne’s song highlights how his character misses the cars, the parking lots, the shopping malls, the 7-Elevens, the Dairy Queen’s and the nightlife.  This is an insanely clever song. Also, see if you can spot Johnny Marr in the video.


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  1. byrnindwnthahaus Reply

    Had a secret club of kids, of various musical inclinations, that all felt this song was their fav!!! we knew who each other were (about 20 of us)

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