12-12-12: Concert For Sandy Relief @ Madison Square Garden

Following the terrorist attacks on 9/11 Clear Channel Media and Entertainment, The Madison Square Garden Company and The Weinstein Company came together to throw the amazing “Concert For New York City” that featured many of the biggest acts in rock history as a benefit for 9/11 victims. Those same companies will team up once again to raise funds for Hurricane Sandy relief on December 12th at Madison Square Garden.

Dubbed “12-12-12 (A Concert For Sandy Relief)” the lineup for the show has yet to be revealed, but is expected in the coming days. With those companies putting the concert together, you can trust it will feature plenty of top-drawing acts. Of particular note, both The Who and The Rolling Stones should be in town that week. The Robin Hood Relief Fund, which was established by the Robin Hood Foundation, will take care of distributing all money raised from the concert. An announcement claims, “Tickets for the concert will be available at a variety of price levels, ranging from individual tickets to special VIP packages.” We’ll keep you posted on lineup announcements.


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4 thoughts on “12-12-12: Concert For Sandy Relief @ Madison Square Garden

  1. Jim curran Reply

    Sounds like a great idea Scott. Just hope I can get. Ticket or two.

  2. Angie Burke Reply

    This is a great idea to help raise money towards the Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund. Hope I’ll be able to get two tickets!

  3. Patricia Reply

    Hope to get 2 tks thanks

  4. kate Reply

    Rockstars-Bankers one and the same. I live on Staten Island and I’m on a limited income. Could never afford this concert, especially since our money is going to others who need it now.Seen most of these “Stars” in person over the years. Music just another way to rip us off. My generation has turned into a bunch of capalist pigs. How many people did S.I. loose in 9/11, but this bunch of greedy people are still deducting their services on their taxes.
    Boy did my generation screw up. “meet the the boss same as the old boss”The Who

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