Full Show Friday: Trey Anastasio ’99 – Acoustic and TAB Trio

It’s hard to believe that over 13 years have passed since Trey Anastasio’s first solo tour. For that May 1999 excursion, the Phish front man gave fans a taste of his newest material and Phish classics during an acoustic first set and then treated attendees to more new tunes and a killer batch of covers for an electric second set in which he was backed by drummer Russ Lawton and bassist Tony Markellis.

For today’s Full Show Friday we set the HT Time Machine for 1999 and land at one of the TAB Trio’s first performances – May 6th, 1999 at The Riviera in Chicago. The highlights are many as in the first set you have the only solo acoustic Punch You In The Eye of the tour and one of only two unplugged Runaway Jim’s and then in the second set TAB takes Sand and Gotta Jibboo deep. There’s also a heartfelt take on I Can See Clearly Now, Marc Ribot’s Aqui Como Alla and the way-too-rare Somantin. Both sets are on YouTube thanks to thegreatboognish. Blow off work and take a look…


Trey Anastasio – May 6, 1999 – Acoustic Set


Trey Anastasio – May 6, 1999 – Electric Set

Set 1Back on the Train[1]Farmhouse[1]The Inlaw Josie Wales[1]Sample in a Jar[2]Driver[1]Snowflakes in the Sand[1]Brian and Robert[1]When the Circus Comes[2]Mountains in the Mist[1]Punch You In the Eye[3] > Runaway Jim[2]

Set 2First TubeWill It Go Round in Circles?Gotta JibbooHeavy ThingsTops Off >I Can See Clearly NowSandAqui Como AllaO-o-h ChildSomantinWindora Bug,Come On (Part One)

EncoreSilicone Fairy

[1] Trey solo acoustic.
[2] Trey solo acoustic; TAB debut.
[3] Trey solo acoustic; TAB debut. Trey whistled the guitar lines in the “Landlady” segment.

Notes: First set Trey solo acoustic, second set electric TAB. During “PYITE,” Trey whistled the lead guitar lines for the “Landlady” segment. “Sample,” “When the Circus Comes,” “PYITE” and “Runaway Jim” were TAB debuts.

[via Phish.net]

[Hat Tip - Dave Lott]


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3 thoughts on “Full Show Friday: Trey Anastasio ’99 – Acoustic and TAB Trio

  1. chris keefe Reply

    At 25:12 the jam in Gotta Jibboo is identical to the jam in Gumbo on 9-18-99 in Boise. So sick!

  2. phox Reply

    so fun seeing the 2nd heavy things and how trey is just all over that solo. in general, trey really put himself out there for these shows.

  3. terry Reply

    That part around the 50:00 mark of the second set messed with my mind

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