Video: Trey Anastasio – Valentine

Trey Anastasio has usually avoided making music videos, but since his recently released LP Traveler was such a sonic departure, he’s made an exception. Rolling Stone has just premiered the animated video for Valentine which takes us perhaps a little closer than we ever wanted to be to Trey’s beard.

Take a psychedelic journey with Trey in the new video for Valentine…

[via Rolling Stone]


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5 thoughts on “Video: Trey Anastasio – Valentine

  1. Kye Reply

    Oh god I saw this earlier and laughed and laughed. Did Trey poop out his own head? hahah

  2. Gary Reply

    Cool video. Scotty, I got an email promoting Traveler from Jambase a day after the fall tour ended and it mentions “2013 tour dates to be announced”, any idea when that’s happening?

  3. Brian Reply

    Oh my god.

  4. Dave Reply

    I’m disturbed by the lack of nose. How do his glasses stay on?

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