Boot Camp: Four Amazing Steely Dan Soundboards Unearthed

Now that Steely Dan has been touring off and on for the past 20 years, it’s easy to forget that Donald Fagen and Walter Becker famously withdrew the band from the road in 1975 to focus on writing and recording. After reforming in 1993 the pair, and a variety of extremely talented backing bands, have toured the world a number of times; generally with a different setlist for each excursion.

Steely Dan soundboards have been few-and-far between, so we were thrilled to see a user named “buttmanos” on The Trader’s Den website [registration required] share a batch of crystal-clear recordings from throughout the “reunion years.” There’s four soundboards of note that all Danfans need to add to their collections. We’ve compiled links for them below…

“Dallas 1994 First Night” – September 2nd, 1994

Buttmanos’ Notes: Here is a fantastic soundboard recording from the 94 tour. The quality exceeds that of Irvine ’94 as that show is lacking in the bottom-end department. This one more than makes up for it! Indeed, we have a great stereo spread and a crystalline, transparent capture — this may be the best sounding Steely Dan ROIO ever. It is certainly in the upper echelon. Plus, we have a great backing band and an even better setlist.

“The Second Theater We’ve Blown up this Year” – June 25th, 2000

Buttmanos’ Notes: STEREO SOUNDBOARD A++ Uncirculated. By far the best sounding recording from the 2000 tour. 

“Touring 2K” – September 10th, 2000

Buttmanos’ Notes: SOUNDBOARD from CD Silvers

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“Shuffle Diplomacy – Twenty Eleven” – July 22nd, 2011

Buttmanos’ Notes: A STEREO SOUNDBOARD Recording – with a beautiful wide stereo soundscape. Quality A++


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3 thoughts on “Boot Camp: Four Amazing Steely Dan Soundboards Unearthed

  1. Papa Phunk Reply

    Nice find!

  2. MLK Reply

    Thanks for posting. Looks like I got on board a little late… can anyone seed the Dallas show “Dallas 1994 First Night” – September 2nd, 1994?

  3. 4yrsnojob Reply

    MLK, BigO still has the MP3 version up.

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