Neil Young and Crazy Horse Finally Play Helpless

The latest leg of Neil Young and Crazy Horse’s Alchemy Tour kicked off this past weekend in Seattle, but the first real bust out of the leg took place on Tuesday in Calgary. When the legendary rocker and his longtime backing band returned to the stage at the Saddledome for an encore, they lit into a revved up version of the 1970 classic Helpless.

[File Photo by Lee Fenyves]

While Neil has performed Helpless at Crazy Horse shows in the past, it was usually played during his solo, acoustic portion of the show. According to a commenter at Thrasher’s Wheat, Tuesday’s performance marked the first electric Crazy Horse take on Helpless since 1976. After hearing so many pretty, downtempo versions of Helpless, we dig this more fast-paced, hard-edged take…

Neil Young and Crazy Horse – Helpless

The Alchemy Tour moves on to Winnipeg, Manitoba tomorrow night.

[via Trasher’s Wheat]


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  1. Kanada Kev Reply

    Hell Yeah! This is great. Can’t wait to see Neil and the Horse on Monday night :) :) :)

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