Audio: Dude of Life Shares Phish Show Of Life Demo

The story behind the Phish original Show Of Life is an interesting one. Trey Anastasio and Steve “Dude Of Life” Pollak wrote the tune together over a sushi in November ’09 and recorded it using the Phish front man’s iPhone. Trey expanded on the process in a Rolling Stone piece on iPhone apps…

“I’m obsessed with this recording app on my iPhone- the Sonoma Wire Works FourTrack. It’s like you have a superpowerful studio in your pocket. I can record basically anywhere. Like, I was having lunch with a friend Steve Pollak in New York recently; he brought a bunch of lyrics, and we stared writing on the spot-we were on the corner of 94th and Amsterdam, singing harmonies and bass lines at the top of our lungs into the earpiece. People eventually started gathering around us. The demo captured that whole vibe-the excitement of being out on the street. I don’t think I would’ve even remembered the melody by the time I got home. We took it to band practice, learned the tune right off the demo, didn’t change one thing. And now we’re going to play the song, “Show of Life,” on this summer’s tour.”

Anastasio took the recording back to his studio and sent Pollak this track…

The demo was shared by the Dude of Life on his Twitter feed. Look for more demos from Pollak to come out soon, so be sure to follow.


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    I think we were all hoping for the treys iPhone version! Darn it

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