Stormy Mondays: Steve Kimock Band in Japan, 2002

From the ten years ago file, this week’s Stormy Monday features four tracks from Steve Kimock Band’s Japan 2002 run of 12/5 – 12/8. These are among the last shows with the incredible lineup featuring Rodney Holmes on drums, Alphonso Johnson on bass and Mitch Stein on guitar, and the band was playing like a finely tuned machine. That meant they could easily crush a groove and just as easily reach out into the stratosphere for a star-gazing journey. It should come as no surprise that every night has songs that stretch well beyond the twenty minute mark (the Elmer’s here is just over thirty).

Each member is featured prominently here: Rodney’s body shaking, concussion bomb drumming on Elmer’s Revenge; Alphonso’s rich, lively bass on the quartet’s cover of Bruce Hornsby’s Rainbow’s Cadillac; Mitch’s super-slick, slightly twisted guitar work on Long Form Part I (my all time favorite version of the song). And of course the transcendent Steve Kimock, who floats and shines and scorches and burns across it all (including the Kissing the Boo Boo opener). It’s about 80 minutes of music this time around, so settle in, and as always, enjoy!


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2 thoughts on “Stormy Mondays: Steve Kimock Band in Japan, 2002

  1. Chad B. Reply

    I needed this like a slug of Rittenhouse Rye. Thank you Dan.

  2. Ouish Reply

    Wednesday night in Sellersville PA! It’s gonna be amazing as always!

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