Audio: Leshes, Benevento, Jordan and Russo @ Princeton

Back on June 2nd, recent Princeton University graduate (Class of ’12) Brian Lesh teamed up with his father Phil, his brother Grahame, guitarist Stanley Jordan (Class of ’81), keyboardist Marco Benevento and drummer Joe Russo to play a special show at Dead Head Night at Terrace Club. The one-time ensemble tackled classic Dead tunes and covers from the likes of Mumford and Sons, The Band and Kings of Leon. Audio of the performance hadn’t circulated…until now.

Thanks to our friend Ben Markowitz for sharing this pristine recording of the festivities…

As our friends at Relix remarked, this performance marked the first time the members of the Benevento-Russo Duo performed together in a band that wasn’t Led Zep tribute act Bustle In Your Hedgerow since January’s Freaks Ball. The audio above appears to only be part of the show, with most of the songs Jordan sat in on missing. Hopefully the Terrace Club will post the rest.


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5 thoughts on “Audio: Leshes, Benevento, Jordan and Russo @ Princeton

  1. stems Reply

    When’s Stanley Jordan appear?

    He’s certainly not in that photograph.

    • Scott Bernstein Reply

      that image is from soundcheck. According to the setlist on PhilZone the only song released he appears on is We Bid You Goodnight. As mentioned in the article, we’re hoping The Terrace Club releases more of the show

      • stems Reply

        So this is just the second part of the set?

        Either way, nice recording of a surprisingly enjoyable show. I really liked Marco here.

        • Scott Bernstein Reply

          According to this setlist there’s a chunk of the backend of the main set that’s missing

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