Bye Bye Hiatus: The Black Crowes To Return In 2013

Great news for fans of The Black Crowes as it appears the band will end their hiatus early next year. The HT faves last performed in July 2011 before they all went their separate ways for tours with their respective solo projects. A listing for “An Evening With The Black Crowes” was posted on The Capitol Theatre’s website for April 2nd, 2013 and quickly removed. According to the listing, which did include an image from 2010′s tour, tickets for the Port Chester show go on sale tomorrow at 4:33PM ET. We’ve got to imagine a full tour announcement is looming.

Chris Robinson has spent the hiatus building up his Chris Robinson Brotherhood project. The CRB has recently finished a lengthy tour and only has one gig left on their schedule – a New Year’s Eve performance in Denver. Rich Robinson and his solo band also wrapped up a busy year of touring this week. We’re excited to see what the Crowes have in store for 2013.


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10 thoughts on “Bye Bye Hiatus: The Black Crowes To Return In 2013

  1. Pnut420 Reply

    Great news.

    Bye bye hiatus= best three words a fan of any applicable band can hear.

  2. bryontreece Reply

    On that last tour at Best Buy they were really peaking; was bummed that they were stopping when it seemed like they were picking up some serious steam for the 1st time in years. Just my humble opinion.

  3. Jack Straw Reply

    Marc Ford, Audley Freed, & Luther Dickinson all on guitar. Expect them to implode by August

  4. Daniel Marshall Reply

    I would like to see Neal Casal involved. Heck, toss in Jon Graboff and you would have The Crowes with a touch of Cardinals and one great band !

  5. ICchris Reply

    Why 4:33 p.m.? Seems about 13 minutes too late.

  6. theslider Reply

    blackcrowes.com is updated
    “7 Days left”

  7. Jimijames Reply

    Well that’s great. Then again, any band that Chris or Rich are singing in is cool. A fan for 20 years already. Thnx boys

  8. J Reply

    The Crowes actually last played on July 18, 2011… in Amsterdam @ The Paradiso as part of a very short European tour.

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