Video: Dave Matthews Band – Christmas Song

When the Dave Matthews Band paid a visit to the Late Show with Jimmy Fallon earlier this month in support of the revitalizing new album, Away from the World, the producers had the foresight to record a live rendition of Christmas Song, the standout holiday song off Remember Two Things, which eventually aired on the show this past Monday night.

Hard to believe it’s been almost twenty years since this album came out. Pay attention to the lyrics of this song if you’ve never done so before. They tell the story of Christmas straight away, albeit with a unique perspective. Here’s Dave, Carter Beauford and Tim Reynolds performing Christmas Song…


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2 thoughts on “Video: Dave Matthews Band – Christmas Song

  1. bryontreece Reply

    Right before that segment there was a disclaimer shown onscreen saying that the performance was previously recorded earlier this month, which I found to be odd since they do that stuff all of the time without announcing it. BUT….then I got to that lyric & realized what was going on right away. Glad they didn’t decide to not air it at all, which is usually the knee-jerk reaction.

  2. Bj Reply

    How does jimmy Fallon have a vinyl version of Remember Two Things? I want one.

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