Unofficial 31 Days of Dead – 2012 Edition: Day Nineteen

December 19

Jam > Jack-A-Roe
11/20/78 Cleveland Music Hall, Cleveland, OH

Here is something different – a second set that begins with a JAM! Sadly, this rare deviation from the norm was attempted only a handful times and in each instance greatness resulted. Two shows immediately come to mind: 6/23/74 Miami (Jam > Ship of Fools) and 6/26/74 Providence (Jam > China > Rider).

Much like those instances the band begins this jam from Cleveland Music Hall with some noodling that gradually develops like growing tendrils.  The drummers are relentless the way they drive the jamming. Garcia makes several attempts to slow things down but the drummers must press on with important tribal work. Jerry offsets the heavy percussion with a spacey wah-wah toned solo that is dark, drippy and manic. Over the course of the jam he trills, bends and throws notes all over the place. Eventually this drops into Jack-A-Roe of all things. The reason we love the Grateful Dead is for moments like this when anything can happen. Jerry’s vocal delivery is beautiful. Especially notable is the subtle way he sings, “your cheeks too red and rosy…” Who could have predicted that Garcia’s voice would be completely shot four days later at the Capitol Theater?

Download Link:  http://www.mediafire.com/?wpv4dn55nwqkto4
LMA Link: http://archive.org/details/gd1978-11-20.sbd.fix.flac16


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5 thoughts on “Unofficial 31 Days of Dead – 2012 Edition: Day Nineteen

  1. Chilly Jackwater Reply

    A fine choice. That whole Supplication section into the jam is a mind-scrambler. Hurts so good!

  2. PotvinRocks Reply

    Hell yeah. This show is awesome. I celebrated its anniversary on my blog. This Shakedown esk tuning jam totally goes haywire. Great choice

  3. russ Reply

    Great show! Love the early Shakedown and a rare If I Had the World To Give, my all-time favorite version.

  4. maitdogg Reply

    :: soft serve cone straight to forehead :: awesome selection

  5. maitdogg Reply


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