Full Show Friday: Frank Zappa – Stockholm 1973

Since today marks what would’ve been Frank Zappa’s 72nd birthday, we’re devoting this week’s Full Show Friday column to the legendary composer/performer. Just like Dead fans and Phish fans, Zappaphiles love to argue about which year of FZ’s career was the best. For my money, it’s 1973.

As an example of what makes 1973 such a phenomenal year for Zappa and his band, we’ve got 75 incredible pro-shot minutes of the ensemble in action. Recorded in Stockholm, Sweden on August 21, 1973; this video features the early Roxy band of FZ, Tom Fowler, Bruce Fowler, Ruth Underwood, George Duke, Don Preston, Ralph Humphrey, Jean-Luc Ponty and Ian Underwood. They tackle such classics as Cosmik Debris, RDNZL, Montana and Penguin In Bondage. Happy Birthday, Frank.

01:48 Cosmik Debris
09:49 Eric Dolphy Memorial Barbecue
10:53 Kung Fu
11:54 Penguin In Bondage
16:02 RDNZL
20:26 Montana
29:01 Dupree’s Paradise
53:44 Join The March And Eat My Starch
54:22 Farther Oblivion


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One thought on “Full Show Friday: Frank Zappa – Stockholm 1973

  1. Ouish Reply

    Happy Birthday FZ! How did the Mayans predict Frank’s 72nd?? Amazing! Thanks for the footage Scottie! It’s is very hard to beat 73!

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