Unofficial 31 Days of Dead – 2012 Edition: Day 27

December 27

The Eleven
10/12/68 Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco, CA

Today’s selection comes from the fabled Avalon Ballroom in 1968. Besides being comprised of absolutely crushing jams, the show is also exciting in the context of the notoriety for which it has become famous. First, it was probably the most mislabeled tape in the long history of Grateful Dead tape trading.  In addition, 10/12/68 was allegedly the evening that Jimi Hendrix showed up to jam with the Dead. For a fascinating and detailed essay about those events please go to the Lost Live Dead blog.

Legendary taper Dick “Picks” Latvala is quoted on Deadlists saying that 10/12/68 is among his favorite performances, calling it “Primal Dead.”  Here is how the folks over at deadlistening.com describe the term, “Primal Dead” in the great year of 1968:

As far as the Grateful Dead go, 1968 contains a collection of music that is in many ways unparalleled across the vast 30 year span of their career. Like no other year, 1968 never spares a single minute toying around with the idea of taking you on a psychedelic music journey. It doesn’t gently take your hand and lead you down a path which exposes you to some magic land. No, 1968 is more like being run over by a freight train fueled on electric Kool-Aid steam. Drop the needle down at any instance of 1968 Grateful Dead and you’re catapulted directly into the heart of a musical expression so lysergic, so steeped in cosmic adventurism, it defies any true comparison to what we might generally bring to mind as the “psychedelic scene” of the late 60’s. The Dead in ’68 go beyond.

This version of The Eleven from 10/12/68 is simply incredible!  It gathers rapidly intensifying speed and energy before exploding into colossal psychedelic earthquakes of rhythm that leave lysergic aftershocks of cosmic guitar lines reverberating through your body. Yeah, it’s that good.

Download Link:  http://www.mediafire.com/?kvs98cdhamgoygc
LMA Link: http://archive.org/details/gd1968-10-12.sbd.gans.miller


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  1. Dr V Reply

    I was waiting for a ’68 to get slipped in one of these 31 days! Bears Choice with Ginty Band tomorrow?

  2. Chris Reply

    I just discovered this series. It is fantastic. Thank you very much for all your work!


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