Unofficial 31 Days of Dead – 2012 Edition: Day 29

December 29

Alligator Jam
6/6/70 Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA

Coming out of the tribal rhythm of Drums, this swampy Alligator jam is cut from the same cloth as the infamous version performed a year later at the closing of the Fillmore East (4/29/71).  Not surprisingly, it also contains elements of The Other One from Harpur College the month prior. While not quite reaching the same amazing heights of either, it is still some outrageously brilliant GD music that is not to be missed.

Download Link:  http://www.mediafire.com/?j13y8e8g1735g63
LMA Link: http://archive.org/details/gd1970-06-06.sbd.miller.flac16


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One thought on “Unofficial 31 Days of Dead – 2012 Edition: Day 29

  1. Mike Reply

    What about the taste of “And we bid you goodnight” around the 10-minute mark?

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