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Punch Brothers – The Phosphorescent Blues (ALBUM REVIEW)

Punch Brothers

On their fourth LP, Punch Brothers continue to push themselves compositionally, balancing the cerebral and emotional aspects of their music.

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Death From Above 1979 – The Physical World (ALBUM REVIEW)


Ten years have passed since the Toronto bass and drums duo Death from Above 1979 released its debut LP, the high-octane You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine. For a good while, it seemed that record ...

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Tim Bowness – Abandoned Dancehall Dreams (ALBUM REVIEW)


Over the course of No-Man’s six studio recordings, singer/songwriter Tim Bowness wrote some of the most poignant lyrics in the realm of modern music. With multi-instrumentalist and progressive rock legend Steven Wilson backing his minimalist, ...

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David Gray – Mutineers (ALBUM REVIEW)

david gray

On  Mutineers, David Gray’s first release in four years, the problem is not that he has left the building, but rather that he is lost down a better forgotten corridor. With 2005’s Life in Slow ...

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Opeth – “Cusp of Eternity” (Song Review)

Opeth Pale

"Cusp of Eternity" probably won't appeal to the band's early fans, but it's another step in their fascinating sonic journey.

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Nickel Creek – Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles, CA 5/21/14 (Show Review)

Nickel Creek Band

What 'A Dotted Line,' Nickel Creek’s first studio LP in nine years, made clear in CD format is even truer live: This trio hasn't lost a step.

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Mastodon – “High Road” (Song Review)

Mastodon 2014

unlike '’Round the Sun’'s nauseating cover art, this is a smooth ride through and through.

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Dust Bin Discoveries: Matt Elliott’s ‘Songs’ Trilogy

Matt Elliott

Brice Ezell puts a spotlight on Elliott's overlooked 'Songs' trilogy.

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Checkin’ ‘Em Twice: 10 Great Acoustic Re-Imaginings

Photo Credit: Diana Nitschke 2009

Check out 10 eclectic tracks that work even better stripped-down.

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