Joe Sumner Lays Low From Fiction Plane To Confident Singer-Songwriter Mode (INTERVIEW)


Singer Joe Sumner is a man in the middle of a musical transition. The former angry young rocker, who led Fiction Plane through four albums starting in 2003 with the release of Everything Will Never ...

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Oscar Predictions: ‘La La Land’ or ‘Moonlight’?


Hollywood's biggest night has come. Who will take home the big prize?

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The Enduring Importance of ‘Lost Highway’: The Lynchian Nightmare Unrestrained

Lost highway

With the Twin Peaks revival just around the corner, and to celebrate its 20th anniversary. we look back on another work from David Lynch.

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Tales From The Golden Road: 79.5 Get Ready Embark On First Tour With Chicano Batman


Plenty of people go to see bands when they come through their town, but most people don’t think about everything that it takes to get those bands to their favorite club. Being on tour for ...

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Zach Deputy Takes A Trip To The Jungle For Envision Fest (INTERVIEW)


For longtime fans of Zach Deputy, the idea of taking in one of his self-described “explosion of groove, trance and soul” performances, on a beach under the Costa Rican sun surrounded by a few thousand ...

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Green Grass and High Tides- Henry Paul of The Outlaws Keeps The Legacy Strong (INTERVIEW)


For a band to last forty-five years, it has to be nurtured from the inside. Henry Paul, for just about the last half-century, has been that guiding hand for The Outlaws, a group he helped ...

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Guitar Slinger Quinn Sullivan Stretches From The Blues On ‘Midnight Highway’ (INTERVIEW)


Quinn Sullivan has been hailed as the new savior of blues guitar since he was probably eight years old. That’s when the legendary Buddy Guy put the young boy on his stage for the first ...

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I Was There When Bob Dylan Visited UVM’s Patrick Gymnasium on The Rolling Thunder Revue ’75


You know you got a good friend when he knows you so well he does on instinct what you would do yourself under similar circumstances. I was lucky enough to have such a friend in ...

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Suds & Sounds: Taos Mesa Brewing Keeps Tunes and Beer Flowing in New Mexico


In Suds & Sounds we turn the spotlight on breweries, focusing on the role of music in that brewery’s history, packaging, tastes, and in its city or town as a whole. The idea is to get beer and ...

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Steve Hackett Talks New LP ‘The Night Siren’ & Revisiting ‘Wind & Wuthering’ (INTERVIEW)

stevehackett-cathypoulton-029 (800x534)

Guitar genius Steve Hackett has been on a quest. After a lifetime of traveling the world and learning about new cultures, he has seen the changes that have befallen our nations. Today more than ever, ...

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