Tommy Stinson Reignites Bash & Pop Following GNR & Replacements (INTERVIEW)

Tommy Stinson in Minneapolis.  Photo: Steven Cohen

For Tommy Stinson, there were two things that were very important to him when he went to record his next record: for it to be recorded live as much as possible, in the studio with ...

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Warren Haynes Embraces A New ‘Band’ For The Last Waltz 40 Tour (INTERVIEW)


No one could ever accuse guitarist, vocalist, musical arranger and bandleader Warren Haynes of being a slacker. While his work with his signature band Gov’t mule and a steady solo career keep him occupied as ...

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Jake Clemons Talks New LP Fear & Love, Uncle Clarence & Audibles From Bruce


Life is a journey full of highs and lows and how we react to them is what makes it truly our own. For Jake Clemons, he chose a piece of his journey and set it ...

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Phish Welcomes 2017 at Madison Square Garden With a Horn Of Plenty (PHOTOS)


Phish welcomed 2017 with another New Years at Madison Square Garden. Opening for the fourth consecutive night with an acapella, this time Little Feat’s “Don’t Bogart That Joint”, Phish delivered from all sides musically including ...

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Chris Green of Tyketto/Rubicon Cross Lets Six String Scorch on ‘Unveil’ EP (INTERVIEW)


For British-born guitar player Chris Green, he loves living in the South – especially at this time of the year. When he first moved to America he lived in Chicago. “For five years I dealt ...

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The Wisdom of Weyes Blood, Songstress Natalie Mering Inspires (INTERVIEW)


Somewhere between the crossroads of classical Celtic tones and Americana folk lies the sweetness of Weyes Blood- the solo project of songstress Natalie Mering who will be playing the Echo in L.A. on December 15th. ...

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The Strokes Guitarist Nick Valensi Talks Side Project CRX (INTERVIEW)


The Strokes guitarist Nick Valensi missed playing live music in front of crowds, so he started his own band, CRX. Stepping out from his support role in the Strokes, Valensi has adapted to his lead ...

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The Cast And Crew Of ‘Domain’ On Creating A Dystopian World On An Indie Budget (INTERVIEW)


The cast and crew of 'Domain' discuss how they created a sci-fi dystopia on an shoestring budget

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Nuno Bettencourt Checks In About New Extreme DVD (INTERVIEW)

extreme HOB 1_21_15_92 glide

For the band Extreme, they have always been about making rock & roll multidimensional, never sticking to the same formula for every song. To them, rock & roll is a blank canvas and there are ...

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Rising Film Star Kika Magalhaes Talks ‘The Eyes Of My Mother’ (INTERVIEW)


Newcomer Kika Magalhaes discusses the shock of success and the experience of making The Eyes of My Mother

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