Todd Pasternack Returns to Upstate New York & Offers Eclectic New Trio ‘Bump’ (INTERVIEW)


In the time that passed since Todd Pasternack last recorded a new album, Facebook replaced MySpace as the number one community site, David Bowie was finishing up his last world tour, and a Bush was ...

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Electro Hip-hop Pioneer Egyptian Lover Still Rocks The Party (INTERVIEW)


It’s difficult to quantify the expansive influence of Greg Broussard, the producer known to the world as Egyptian Lover. As a kid he grew up listening to acts like Kraftwerk, Prince, Rick James and Zapp, and those acts taught ...

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Former Guns N’ Roses Manager Vicky Hamilton Gives Insight Into GNR Early Days (INTERVIEW)


Where were you in 1985? High school? College? Working at a ho-hum job dreaming of something else somewhere else? Vicky Hamilton was living in a Clark Street apartment with her friend Jennifer and a couple ...

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Death of Influence: Christopher Paul Stelling Plays to His Own Drumbeat (INTERVIEW)


On a recent day off, Christopher Paul Stelling sounds tired and contemplative. He is travelling to The Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, TN where he will soon close the curtains on a month long stint opening ...

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Duran Duran Redefines Relevant 38 Years Later – Interview with John Taylor


Duran Duran can claim a storied history that spans the 40 or so years since they started life as part of Britain’s so-called “New Romantic” movement of the late 70’s and early 80’s. Coinciding with ...

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Nap Eyes Offer Refreshing Rock Via Lou Reed Styled Vocals on ‘Thought Rock Fish Scale’ (INTERVIEW)


Bringing the sweetness of the beginning of Spring in their lush, homey, curl up in your sweater sound, Nap Eyes continues their tour, playing popular tracks off their 2016 release Thought Rock Fish Scale. Fresh ...

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Christian Bland of The Black Angels Talks LEVITATION, Creative Process And Mind Expansion (INTERVIEW)


Christian Bland is a member of the Austin’s kings of reverb The Black Angels as well as the frontman of his own band the Revelators. Along with his bandmates in the Black Angels, the guitarist ...

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Brian Fallon of Gaslight Anthem Goes Solo With ‘Painkillers’ & Shares Volumes With ‘Glide’ (INTERVIEW)


Brian Fallon had a good March this year. He released his first solo album Painkillers and played some shows, with more in the near future. Coming from a band with a good-sized fanbase, doing something ...

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The Pines Bring Hauntingly Beautiful/Seductive Soundscapes on ‘Above the Prairie’ (INTERVIEW)


There are any number of bands that tout their allegiance to the heartland these days, but far fewer that can claim to have actually had their roots planted in those fertile environs. However, for those ...

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Elephant Revival’s Daniel Rodriguez Talks ‘Petals’, Touring, And Headlining Red Rocks (INTERVIEW)


Elephant Revival is having a good year and they aren’t taking it for granted. The humble, multi-instrumental quintet from Nederland Colorado just wrapped a long stretch with Josh Ritter opening for his “Sermon On The Rocks” ...

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