Country Music’s Raunchiest Bad Boy Wheeler Walker Jr. Shoots Straight From The Hip (INTERVIEW)


Back in March the country music establishment did a collective double take when a mysterious name suddenly showed up on the Billboard Top 10 Country Charts. Sitting right between the pop-country garbage of Luke Bryan ...

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Brian Head Welch of Korn Journeys From Lead Guitarist to Best Selling Author (INTERVIEW)


Last week, the guitar player known for his dreads, his tattoos, his penetrating stare, his aggressive guitar style and for finding God amidst rock & roll debauchery, published his new book, With My Eyes Wide ...

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Bruce Hornsby Gets Rootsy & Rustic on ‘Rehab Reunion’ (INTERVIEW)


If nothing else, Bruce Hornsby’s career has always seemed to be propelled by far flung ambitions. His early albums reaped an immediate fan base, garnering him a Grammy for the “Best New Artist” in 1987 ...

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Boston MC Mr. Lif Returns From Solo Hiatus With ‘Don’t Look Down’ (INTERVIEW)


Mr. Lif never consciously set out to take six years between releasing a proper solo album, but the life isn’t always predictable. After releasing his last album I Heard It Today in 2009, the Boston ...

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Ally Dickaty of The Virginmarys Is Rock & Attitude (INTERVIEW)


If more people’s gears turned like Ally Dickaty’s then the world might be a better place. The front-man for the British punk rock band The Virginmarys takes his songwriting quite seriously, choosing to follow his ...

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Actor Stephen Tobolowsky Talks ‘Silicon Valley’, ‘The Primary Instinct’, and Storytelling (INTERVIEW)

Stephen Tobolowsky headshot

You know his face, if not his name. We spoke with prolific character actor Stephen Tobolowsky abour Hollywood, acting, and Silicon Valley.

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Todd Pasternack Returns to Upstate New York & Offers Eclectic New Trio ‘Bump’ (INTERVIEW)


In the time that passed since Todd Pasternack last recorded a new album, Facebook replaced MySpace as the number one community site, David Bowie was finishing up his last world tour, and a Bush was ...

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Electro Hip-hop Pioneer Egyptian Lover Still Rocks The Party (INTERVIEW)


It’s difficult to quantify the expansive influence of Greg Broussard, the producer known to the world as Egyptian Lover. As a kid he grew up listening to acts like Kraftwerk, Prince, Rick James and Zapp, and those acts taught ...

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Former Guns N’ Roses Manager Vicky Hamilton Gives Insight Into GNR Early Days (INTERVIEW)


Where were you in 1985? High school? College? Working at a ho-hum job dreaming of something else somewhere else? Vicky Hamilton was living in a Clark Street apartment with her friend Jennifer and a couple ...

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Death of Influence: Christopher Paul Stelling Plays to His Own Drumbeat (INTERVIEW)


On a recent day off, Christopher Paul Stelling sounds tired and contemplative. He is travelling to The Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, TN where he will soon close the curtains on a month long stint opening ...

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