Joe Sumner Lays Low From Fiction Plane To Confident Singer-Songwriter Mode (INTERVIEW)


Singer Joe Sumner is a man in the middle of a musical transition. The former angry young rocker, who led Fiction Plane through four albums starting in 2003 with the release of Everything Will Never ...

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Kevin Russell (Ex Gourds) Talks New Shinyribs Album, Tacos, Old Austin and more (INTERVIEW)


Kevin Russell never slows down. Since calling it quits with his beloved band The Gourds in 2013, the Austin musician has been devoting nearly every waking hour to his band Shinyribs. Russell formed the group ...

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Green Grass and High Tides- Henry Paul of The Outlaws Keeps The Legacy Strong (INTERVIEW)


For a band to last forty-five years, it has to be nurtured from the inside. Henry Paul, for just about the last half-century, has been that guiding hand for The Outlaws, a group he helped ...

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SONG PREMIERE: The Kernal Rambles Beautifully “At the Old Taco Bell” (INTERVIEW)


Who is The Kernal? If you don’t know, it’s best you start knowin’. The Tennessee native has been doing his thing for some time now, playing as a sideman with the likes of Andrew Combs and ...

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Horror Honcho Roxanne Benjamin Spills Guts on ‘XX’ (INTERVIEW)

roxanne benjamin

Producer, writer, and director Roxanne Benjamin talks anthologies and the making of the female driven XX.

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Mistress of Horror Jovanka Vuckovic Talks ‘XX’ and the Female Perspective (INTERVIEW)

Jovanka Vuckovic

Director Jovanka Vuckovic spearheads the wave of some much needed new perspectives within the horror genre.

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Once and Future Band Cheerfully Embrace Mid 70′s Prog-Rock Sound (INTERVIEW)


The members of Oakland quartet Once and Future Band proudly wear their influences on their sleeves, which can be summed up as a unabashed love of the prog-rock sounds of groups like Genesis and ELO. ...

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Guitar Slinger Quinn Sullivan Stretches From The Blues On ‘Midnight Highway’ (INTERVIEW)


Quinn Sullivan has been hailed as the new savior of blues guitar since he was probably eight years old. That’s when the legendary Buddy Guy put the young boy on his stage for the first ...

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Steve Hackett Talks New LP ‘The Night Siren’ & Revisiting ‘Wind & Wuthering’ (INTERVIEW)

stevehackett-cathypoulton-029 (800x534)

Guitar genius Steve Hackett has been on a quest. After a lifetime of traveling the world and learning about new cultures, he has seen the changes that have befallen our nations. Today more than ever, ...

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Pete Murano of Trombone Shorty Talks Guitar Solos & Opening For Red Hot Chili Peppers (INTERVIEW)

trombone shorty 03

Troy Andrews (Trombone Shorty) may be the focal point when he takes the stage with his band Orleans Avenue but when he turns it over to his guitar player Pete Murano to do a solo, ...

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