ALBUM PREMIERE: Nothing Is Off Limits With DEDSA’s ‘Salmon Velocity’


Nashville’s DEDSA wields psych-rock like a flaming sword to illuminate sci-fi tales of love and medieval debauchery. The band’s debut full length, Salmon Velocity, melds electronic music, psychedelia, metal and shoegaze into a powerful musical elixir. ...

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SONG PREMIERE: Gwyneth Moreland Connects To The Land “Broken Road”


When it came time to begin working on her new album, Gwyneth Moreland turned to her own backyard for inspiration. It was the rugged and beautiful landscape of her Northern California hometown of Mendocino, a ...

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SONG PREMIERE: Killer Kaya Brings Mystical Funk Alive on “Understood”


Santa Barbara based psychedelic funk band, Killer Kaya, releases “Understood” (below) one of the tracks from their upcoming album said to be coming out later this year. While “Understood” holds true to the funk and soul ...

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SONG PREMIERE: Kentucky Psych-Folk Band Bendigo Fletcher Rest Easy With “Sleeping Pad”


Bendigo Fletcher are only just now establishing a following in their hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, but spend some time listening to their heady blend of psych-folk and Americana and you’ll quickly realize these young fellows ...

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SONG PREMIERE: K Phillips Reflects On Pop Love With Twangy “Rom Com”


One of the most promising artists to come out of Texas in quite some time is a fella by the name of K Phillips. His soulful Americana is filled with tales of love, struggles, and redemption. On ...

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SONG PREMIERE: Taarka Deliver Feisty Bluegrass Instrumental “Finn McCool Crosses The Rocky Mountains”


The versatile husband-and-wife team of David and Enion Pelta-Tiller have spent a handful of years pursuing a sound that takes listeners on an enlightening cultural acoustic journey. As Taarka, the group they front along with award-winning ...

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ALBUM PREMIERE: Julia Anrather Revels In Sensual And Sensible Pop On ‘Quentin’


Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Julia Anrather has a lot on her plate, spending time as an actress and a producer with a handful of projects going on at any given moment. Somehow though, she manages to inject ...

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SONG PREMIERE: The Kernal Rambles Beautifully “At the Old Taco Bell” (INTERVIEW)


Who is The Kernal? If you don’t know, it’s best you start knowin’. The Tennessee native has been doing his thing for some time now, playing as a sideman with the likes of Andrew Combs and ...

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SONG PREMIERE: Christina Cavazos Connects With Slow Building Americana Tune “Over Me”


Austin singer-songwriter Christina Cavazos is only just turning 17 and already her musical maturity is fully evident on her second EP, Cold, due Feb. 24, 2017. The album showcases her crystal clear soprano and accomplished ...

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FULL ALBUM PREMIERE: Scarves Go Soaring & Experimental on ‘Mall Goths’


Mall Goths by Scarves (due out 2/17) is an album comprised of ten vignettes depicting characters along the I-5 corridor between Bellingham, Washington and Portland, Oregon. Struggling against their reality, desperate for rebellion, yet inextricably stuck, they ...

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