Drive-By Truckers Call It Like They See It With Politically Charged ‘American Band’ (ALBUM REVIEW)


With a seemingly endless whirlpool of fucked up news, social media has reached the point where the running commentary is a cacophony of misguided hate speech and uninformed opinions. Few intelligent, sensible voices are able ...

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Ultimate Painting Bring Varied Dynamics and Psychedelia On ‘Dusk’ (ALBUM REVIEW)


London-based duo Ultimate Painting have only been together since 2014 but have been pretty prolific during that time, releasing an album each year. The band is made up of Jack Cooper and James Hoare, who ...

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Bob Weir Focuses on Old West & Musical Simplicity on ‘Blue Mountain’ (ALBUM REVIEW)


After a rocky period in the final days of his tenure co-leading Furthur with Phil Lesh, Bob Weir kept a fairly low profile in the weeks leading up to 2015′s Fare Thee Well shows with ...

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Americanafest Proves Most Inviting & Amazing Six Days (FESTIVAL RECAP)


Where to begin? The Americanafest can be described in many ways — entertaining, enlightening and — to be absolutely honest — exhausting. But mostly it’s amazing. Six days of shows, showcases, discussions, and seminars involving ...

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2Ton Bridge Goes From Roots to Surreal On Eponymous Debut (ALBUM REVIEW)


[rating-8.00] It’s not exactly a name that infers any sort of immediate connection, but the nom de plume of singer, songwriter and actor Alexander Wright does apparently have a nostalgic inference, at least for Wright himself. ...

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Poster Children Remind Of Hardcore, Alt-Rock Influence On ‘Daisychain Reaction’ (ALBUM REVIEW)


Rock music of the early 90′s found itself in a transitionary period. New Wave was ready to take a break for a few decades, Glam Metal was gasping its last breath while Kurt Cobain twisted ...

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Alice In Chains Serve Up Grungy Classics In Austin (SHOW REVIEW)


The early Nineties rock scene was dominated by the grunge movement. Ripped up jeans, thrift store clothing, long hair, Doc Martens and flannel became the style of choice. Though there were many grunge bands, most ...

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Teddy Midnight Keeps On Straight Till Dawn With ‘Velvet Blue’ (ALBUM REVIEW)


Are you a live music fan who never wants the night to end, so you head to the after show electro-jam sessions? Then Teddy Midnight’s first release Velvet Blue is the jelly for your biscuit. The ...

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Houston Open Air Awash In Rain and Rocking (FESTIVAL REVIEW)


What happened at Houston Open Air Fest? The black storm clouds rolling in over the Houston skyline may have made for a knarly metal music video but the ominous and uncooperative weather ended up putting ...

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Wannabe Reviews Darrin Bradbury’s New LP ‘Elmwood Park: A Slightly Melodic Audiobook’


In the newest installment of Wannabe, artist Chris Prunckle reviews Elmwood Park: A Slightly Melodic Audiobook, the new LP from East Nashville’s off-color folk artist Darrin Bradbury, in his signature six-panel comic strip form. Click on the image for full resolution (best viewed on desktop):

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