Oklahomans JD McPherson and Parker Millsap Barnstorm Texas (SHOW REVIEW)


“Texans, don’t get nervous, there’re a lot of Oklahomans in the house tonight,” JD McPherson quipped to the crowd at the Parish in Austin on Tuesday night. He wasn’t lying either, as this two-night run ...

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‘Mockingjay-Part Two’ An Exercise in Tediousness (Movie Review)


Thanks for ruining Mockingjay, Hollywood!

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‘The Night Before’ Is A Different Kind of Christmas Movie (Movie Review)


By not playing to normal Christmas movie expectations, The Night Before becomes a special kind of Christmas movie.

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‘Spotlight’ Showcases the Power of Journalism (Movie Review)


Click bait might be king today, but old school journalism, as depicted in Spotlight, will never be out of fashion.

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Minus the Bear Celebrates Ten Years of ‘Menos el Oso’ in Philly (SHOW REVIEW/PHOTOS)


It has been a little more than a full lap around the sun since Minus the Bear was in Philadelphia touring in support of last year’s Lost Loves album, a collection of unreleased material. This ...

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Scott Weiland & The Wildabouts Keep Em Cheering in Baton Rouge (SHOW REVIEW/PHOTOS)

scott weiland 02

Scott Weiland is a lucky man. After success with two hit-producing bands – Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver – he currently has a hot trio behind him he calls the Wildabouts. They are solid, ...

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WANNABE: Album Reviews In Comic Book Form


Chicago artist Chris Prunckle never set out to review albums in comic book form. He has a background in the arts but is mostly self-taught and these days he enjoys making all kinds of art ...

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’1965-1966 The Cutting Edge’ Offers Fascinating Insight Into Bob Dylan’s Creative Process (ALBUM REVIEW)


Considered by most Dylantologists to be the definitive period in Bob Dylan’s nascent development, the mid ‘60s found him moving at stratospheric speed in an evolution that took him from starry-eyed folk troubadour and populist ...

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Pat Metheny – The Unity Sessions (DVD REVIEW)


The inclusion of elements from various phases of Pat Metheny’s career gives deeper meaning to the title of this DVD. The Missouri-born guitarist/composer has made himself an icon of contemporary jazz by effectively playing off the ...

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Long Lost Troubadour Denny Lile Gets Reissue Treatment (ALBUM REVIEW)


We’ve heard this story before. An extraordinarily talented artist cuts one perfect record and, too often under tragic circumstances, the album is lost in time. Then, years later, a dedicated archivist or a savvy record ...

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