The Posies Continue Loyalty to Pop Structure on ‘Solid States’ (ALBUM REVIEW)


From their very inception in 1988, The Posies have moved against the prevailing currents of musical fashion including the grunge moment as it emanated from their native Seattle shortly thereafter. And while their loyalty to ...

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Hardcore/Punk Arrives Strong at Black N Blue Bowl 2016 (SHOW REVIEW)


Unlike previous years, 2016’s version of the Black N Blue Bowl was scaled down to one day instead of two as the hardcore/punk/metal scene focused once again on Webster Hall with a full card of ...

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Eagles of Death Metal Bring Intense Rock And Big Ego To Austin (SHOW REVIEW/PHOTOS)

Eagles Of Death Metal Performs At Stubb's

It was only last November when terrorist gunmen opened fire at the Bataclan rock club in Paris where the Eagles of Death Metal were playing. Nearly one hundred people lost their lives in the club ...

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‘Game Of Thrones’ Sudden Reminder: It Can Still Shock And Upset Us (TV REVIEW)


With 'The Door,' Game of Thrones has delivered the best episode of the season so far, and perhaps the entire series.

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‘Silicon Valley’ Enters New Phase of Development (TV REVIEW)


The now leaderless Pied Piper struggles to make its way in the world, with hilarious, if awkward, results.

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The Honeycutters Mine Classic Country With ‘On the Ropes’ (ALBUM REVIEW)


About a year after their stellar record Me Oh My, Asheville, NC band The Honeycutters have created a fresh batch of stunners with the follow-up On the Ropes. Lead by the heavy-hitting vocals of Amanda ...

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Susan Sarandon Charms Her Face Off in ‘The Meddler’ (FILM REVIEW)

Susan Sarandon in The Meddler

The Meddler is the most charming cinematic surprise of the season.

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‘The Nice Guys’ Finishes First (FILM REVIEW)


Writer/director Shane Black outdoes himself with The Nice Guys.

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‘Neighbors 2′ Proves That A Comedy Sequel Doesn’t Need to Suck (FILM REVIEW)

Efron Rogen Neighbors 2

The comedy sequel is one of the trickiest endeavors of movie making a filmmaker can embark on. History has proven time and time again that one successful comedic outing doesn’t mean a second is worth ...

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Mudcrutch Makes Grand & Spectacular Second Full Length (ALBUM REVIEW)


Mudcrutch 2 is proof positive Tom Petty regards his work seriously with the band that preceded the Heartbreakers. But then why wouldn’t he?–working with this quintet  allows him an opportunity as unique as it is ...

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