Rhiannon Giddens Explores Racial Strife on ‘Freedom Highway’ (ALBUM REVIEW)


“There is just one thing/I can’t understand, my friend/why some folks think freedom/ is not designed for all men,” sings Rhiannon Giddens in a fiery voice as she covers “Freedom Highway” a song the Staples ...

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Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Deliver Strongest Album Since Debut With ‘The Tourist’ (ALBUM REVIEW)


Since the release of their eponymous debut in 2005, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah have struggled to create something quite as monumental. In fact, after releasing three other LPs over the past decade and failing ...

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The Feelies Keep True Indie Alive On ‘In Between’ (ALBUM REVIEW)


Some 30 years ago, The Feelies gave new meaning and incentive to the alt-rock underground. Based out of the otherwise unassuming town of Hoboken New Jersey, they fused a psychedelic sensibility to the acoustic strum ...

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Vagabon Marries East and West-African Sounds and Indie Rock On Debut ‘Infinite Worlds’ (ALBUM REVIEW)


Born in Cameroon, Lætitia Tamko moved to New York at the beginning of high school and much of the content on her debut LP Infinite Worlds is colored through the lens of this move. Tamko aka ...

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Strand of Oaks Create Undeniably Catchy Rock Gems On ‘Hard Love’ (ALBUM REVIEW)


Even as his sound has grown bigger and grander over time, Tim Showalter’s songwriting has always radiated with a kind of dark intensity. As Strand of Oaks, he has been consistently making compelling music for ...

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Nikki Lane Stays On Throwback Road With ‘Highway Queen’ (ALBUM REVIEW)


Nikki Lane has been on a steady rise with each record she makes, garnering praise for her give-no-f***s cowgirl attitude and throwback country queen style. And never has either quality been so sharp than on ...

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Chuck Prophet Pays Homage To Rock’s Finest With ‘Bobby Fuller Died for Your Sins’ (ALBUM REVIEW)


To say that Chuck Prophet is a rock and roll obsessive would be an understatement. His love for rock music is so deeply rooted in him, it continues to inspire him in sound and in ...

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Leftover Salmon Bust Out Horns, Cover The Band, Grateful Dead and Bob Marley In Portland (SHOW REVIEW/PHOTOS)


Any band that can manage to draw crowds for over two decades must be doing something right. In the case of Leftover Salmon, that something is being able to throw one hell of a party ...

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The Radio Dept. Bring Dream Pop To Sold-Out Austin Crowd (SHOW REVIEW)


A surprise sell-out crowd at the Mohawk on Monday night meant that 90’s nostalgia and Swedish dream pop hasn’t lost its luster. The Radio Dept. is a Swedish indie cult band that would prefer to ...

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Pegi Young Takes On Life Without Neil on ‘Raw’ (ALBUM REVIEW)


For most of her life, Pegi Young’s role was that of Neil Young’s wife, partner and musical sidekick, a satisfying set-up to be sure, but one that found her relying on his fame and stature ...

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