Audio: Trey Anastasio Interview on KBCO

Phish front man Trey Anastasio called in to Denver radio station KBCO’s morning show to promote this weekend’s shows at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park. The guitarist discussed his pre-show ritual, how the band figures out what they’ll play each show, told a story about cyclists in Central Park and most importantly told the host that he couldn’t remember having as good a time as a member of Phish as he’s had in 2012. If you missed it, we’ve got you covered…

[via @Duanebase]

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5 thoughts on “Audio: Trey Anastasio Interview on KBCO

  1. ScrayJay Reply

    Thanks Scott, really a good interview, glad to know everyone is having fun!

  2. Peter Reply

    Go Phish! Thanks Scott

  3. Kye Reply

    love the interview but this guy really knows nothing about phish

  4. Derek Reply

    If Trey is happy and the rest of the guys are happy. And this interview is the best evidence I’ve seen that this is true.

    In the near future PHISH WILL BE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

  5. DaveT Reply

    The woman in fourth place in the women’s road race was Shelly Olds, who flatted out. The profile was on Evelyn Stevens, who was a former Wall St. employee, now racing Pro road, who started by cycling in Central Park.
    Still rad that Big Red is a fan of women’s cycling!

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