Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day Headed To Rehab After Tirade

On Friday night in Vegas, Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day freaked out during the iHeart Radio Music Festival. Armstrong was incensed by a sign that said the band only had one minute left and unleashed a profanity filled tirade that included the word “fuck” 22 times in the span of 30 seconds. Just two days later a Green Day rep has told the Associated Press that Billie Joe is “headed to treatment for substance abuse.”

News of Armstrong’s tirade went viral yesterday, and when you consider the festival was put together by one of the, if not “the” most powerful company in radio, on the eve of the release of Green Day’s new album Uno (due out Tuesday), you had to think either Billie Joe was more punk than we had ever given him credit for or he was fucked up. Guess it was the latter. When the story of the tirade broke, it was thought that Green Day had their set cut short by Clear Channel, but the statement to the AP said explicitly their set was “not cut short by Clear Channel.” We wish Billie Joe a healthy recovery.

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7 thoughts on “Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day Headed To Rehab After Tirade

  1. Doug Reply

    They made him cut short for Usher…really, Usher? I guess they needed a lot of time to cue up the lip synch machine and his stupid dancers.

  2. goff_day Reply



    “Who do you think I am? Justin F’in Bieber?”


  3. AwesomeGary Reply

    Is anyone else tired of rock stars heading to rehab after every little silly incident like this? It used to be awesome when one of them would unleash like this, but now they run away to some dumb rehab to save face. Lame.

  4. joe Reply

    no, I for one am not tired of people dealing with life threatening substance abuse problems.

  5. moondick Reply

    When I saw them in Austin, he was so drunk he fell down on the stage so many times I lost count. At least PUNK isn’t completely dead.

  6. benadams30 Reply

    I dislike Grreen Day woth a passion there music sucks….HARD Anyone can play bar cords. But huge props to Billie Joe Armstrong for not taking bullshit from the concert organizers ! Im now down with Billie just for what he said about Justin Bieber!!!!!!!! comment is just AMAZING

  7. Kathi Reply

    Go Billie Joel. Props for trying to keep real music alive not lame ass performers.

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