Bloggy Goodness: Get Well Chuck

At a performance at Congress Theatre in Chicago on New Year’s Day, influential Rock & Roll legend Chuck Berry collapsed on stage. According to an official statement on Berry’s website, the incident was attributed to exhaustion. The 84 year-old guitar player was coming off playing two shows the night before at B.B. King’s Blues Club in New York City, and is now back home in St. Louis and resting. We here at HT want to wish Mr. Berry a speedy recovery and quick return back to the stage, which is currently scheduled for January 19 at the Blueberry Hill.


Finally, several months back we told you about Pink Floyd’s legal battle with their longtime record label EMI over the digital distribution of their albums. The seminal psych-rock act contended that the deal they had in place, which was signed in the pre-digital age, applied to downloads and stated that their “seamless” albums couldn’t be unbundled, and songs weren’t allowed to be sold as individual tracks. A UK court ruling sided with the band back in March, and now has rejected the appeal of EMI, who was claiming “the word ‘record’ in the band’s contract applied ‘to the physical thing – there is nothing to suggest it applies to online distribution’.


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