Bob Weir Storms Off Stage Mid-Song @ Sweetwater

Last night was the second of two The RatDog Quartet performances at Sweetwater Music Hall in Mill Valley, Calif. Before this new version of RatDog took the stage, which features Bob Weir, Jonathan Wilson, Robin Sylvester, Jay Lane and sometimes guest Jason Crosby, the evening started off with an acoustic performance by Jonathan Wilson followed by a Bob Weir acoustic set. Weir battled with a bunch of talkers throughout his set telling them “Hey, I’m not interrupting you am I?” He finally gave up during a cover of Bob Dylan’s A Hard Rain’s A Gonna Fall. Bobby left the stage in the middle of the song after issuing an evil glare and telling the crowd he’d be back with his electric band.

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When Weir returned with his RatDog Quartet in tow, he told the crowd “It’s okay, we’re not going to try to do anything particularly delicate now,” before launching into Friend of the Devil. The RatDog Quartet set included the first RatDog version of Fire On The Mountain which was sung by Jonathan Wilson. Wilson also sang on a cover of Sing Me Back Home, another RatDog debut. Jason Crosby, who sat in with Weir during his acoustic set, guested with RatDog for the majority of the set.

Watch Bobby’s performance of Hard Rain followed by the walk off…

The RatDog Quartet

3/4/2013 Sweetwater Music Hall, Mill Valley, CA

(Bob Weir) Twilight Time, Jack Straw, Artificial Flowers, When I Paint My Masterpiece*, Black-Throated Wind > Loose Lucy, A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall* (aborted)

(Bob Weir, Jay Lane, Robin Sylvester, and Jonathan Wilson) Friend of the Devil, Deep Elem Blues, Dark Star*> El Paso* > Sing Me Back Home* > Dark Star* > Come Together* > Fire on the Mountain*, I Know You Rider*

Encore: Knockin on Heaven’s Door*

*-w/ Jason Crosby (fiddle); “Hard Rain” was aborted due to the crowd; Bob before “FOTD”: “It’s okay, we’re not going to try to do anything particularly delicate now”

Jonathan Wilson opened

Weir showed his continued disdain at the talkers who wouldn’t stop yapping later in the night when he yelled “Shut The Fuck Up!” during the Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door encore.

[Bob Weir Death Stare]

Annoying talkers at shows are a problem at concerts across the country, but we figured an intimate show by a band that rarely plays which took place at a venue owned the performer would be immune to such obnoxiousness. Guess not. Bob Weir and RatDog will play two shows at the Peach Music Fest in August.

[Setlist and Reports via + Knockin’ Vid Tip From Barqshasbite]

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45 thoughts on “Bob Weir Storms Off Stage Mid-Song @ Sweetwater

  1. Tiburon Tommy Reply

    Welcome to ME VALLEY. I have witnessed many a yuppster in the SWMH who can’t handle their booze and think they own the place. If you don’t behave, we are sending you to Terrapin Crossroads in your new BMW 7 series. Try not to offend established artists, especially those who live in your backyard.

    • Telamonster Reply

      Your just as negative as the talkers with your “go to terrapin crossroads” bullshit….. Take your to cool for school bullshit and shuv it!!!!!!

  2. Michelle Reply

    Dude, if you want to get drunk and talk to your buddies, go to the bar, or better yet stay home. What a bunch of self-indulent jackasses. Give me a break. Assholes.

  3. Michelle Reply

    I hope they felt like the idiots that they were.

  4. JulesKaze Reply

    Imagine if everyone actually went to shows to listen to the music…

  5. WhoCares Reply

    If someone wants to talk and have fun at an entertainment event, that’s cool…it’s their dime. It’s a concert buddy, turn up the volume to ensure everyone in the crowd has no trouble hearing and stop acting like a diva.

  6. Joel Reply

    Wow, Bobby Buzzkill might just need to get over himself.

  7. marc mistle Reply

    I have been there and heard the rude talking. Yes, it”s a concert That means “Shut the fuck up!” The last time I was there I felt like saying those same words.People talk all through a soft song then when it is over they applaud and cheer as if they had actually been listening. Go to a bar ,Ass Holes

  8. phandy Reply

    This wouldn’t happen if the hells angels still did security. Maybe bobby should dig that number outta the rolladex . ;-)

  9. Dizzle Reply

    Thank you, Bobby! It may be their dime, but it’s my money too and I want to hear the effin band. Can’t count how many times I a good show turns bad because people can’t keep their mouths shut.

    @ Tommy: Really? Are you that big of a douche?

  10. Masshole Reply

    Video removed? Did Bobby sick his lawyers on you? Times have indeed changed. Jerry would not approve of any of this.

  11. Scott Bernstein Reply

    Looks like the YouTube user removed the video, not Weir. Bummer

  12. Melissa Friend Reply

    Bravo Bobby! If I was there, I would have schooled the wookies! “No talkin in church! You in my house!” ….It would have went something like that! What’s more interesting is that you gave them an El Paso! Waiting for ya back east; deep in off season. You have my full attention! ~love~

  13. chris r. Reply


  14. HerpDerp Reply

    Lol at “turn up the volume” It’s an acoustic show. Acoustic shows are quite and intimate, it’s a shame you can’t wrap your head around that. Go harvest some more potatoes.

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