Briefly: to Stream Performances From Jazz Fest Next Weekend

New Orleans Jazz Fest starts today in the Crescent City and we’ve got some good news for those unable to attend. will broadcast audio and video live from the Fair Grounds starting at 6PM CDT on May 7 and 8. We’re still awaiting a broadcast schedule, but the article on hints at Wilco, Arcade Fire and Galactic as being among the bands to be webcast. We’ll let you know as soon as a schedule is available.

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2 thoughts on “Briefly: to Stream Performances From Jazz Fest Next Weekend

  1. danfun Reply

    Kind of lame if they are only going to broadcast the headliners. There have been plenty of Arcade Fire streams lately. How about broadcasting some awesome brass band that most people have never heard of? But I guess that wouldn’t really be Rolling Stones style since at this point they just write about bands that most blogs feature months/years before the RS staff catches on.

  2. Scott Bernstein Reply

    You’re probably right about how the coverage schedule will pan out, though I’d still be happy to watch any of the bands mentioned.

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