Brock Butler

Cover Alert: Brock Butler – Back In The High Life (Steve Winwood)


Take a listen to Brock Butler's solo acoustic version of Back In The High Life

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Cover Alert: Brock Butler w. Emily Carroll – Come Talk To Me


Watch Brock Butler and Emily Carroll perform Come Talk To Me by Peter Gabriel at the AURA Music Festival

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Jam Cruise 11 Adds Nathan Moore and Brock Butler


Two additions to the Jam Cruise 11 lineup leave our editor giddy.

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Jam Cruise Journal: A Golden Age for Brock Butler and PGroove


A rundown of Brock Butler's busy final day aboard Jam Cruise 10.

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Jam Cruise Journal: Day One


Thoughts from Scott Bernstein on the first day of Jam Cruise.

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B List: 10 Great Covers by Brock Butler

Longtime readers of Hidden Track are probably aware of my infatuation with Brock Butler's solo acoustic shows. Not only does he offer stripped down versions of Perpetual Groove songs at his somewhat rare unplugged ...

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Postcards From Page Side: The Butler Did It

For a number of years now, I honestly feel the single, best kept secret in our scene has been the music of a single man: Brock Butler. Best known for his guitar playing and frontman ...

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Cover Wars: Helplessly Hoping

"Why don't you do more Cover Wars that feature vocal harmonies?" I was asked last week. A great question, and obviously the motivation for this week's selection. Helplessly Hoping is a track from the 1969 ...

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Jam Cruise Journals: Day Four, Part 2 – Brock Completes The Trifecta of Sunrise Sets

Previously, I recapped the start of the penultimate day of music on Jam Cruise 9 and now I'll finish the job. We left off with coverage of the "prime time" shows, which leads us ...

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Videos: Jam Cruise 9 Highlights

Thanks to our pal JRapp, we can premiere a number of fantastic clips from throughout Jam Cruise 9, which finished yesterday upon the MSC Poesia's return to Fort Lauderdale. We start with Living Colour front ...

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Jam Cruise Journals: My Big Debut

Yes, I totally owe the readers a recap of the second half of Day Four on Jam Cruise 9 as well as the grand finale on Saturday, but before I go all newsy ...

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Jam Cruise Journals: Nourished Soul

Day Three of Jam Cruise 9 continued the trend of sit-ins at nearly every set during a full night of music that followed our stop in Roatan, Honduras. Those cruisers who wanted to ...

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Jam Cruise Journal: Knee Deep In It

While the first day of Jam Cruise was fun and featured some terrific music, Day Two took things to a whole new level. No matter where you looked, artists were jamming with each ...

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Cover Wars: Under African Skies

Under African Skies is the seventh track off Paul Simon's classic 1986 album Graceland. We have previously done The Boy In The Bubble Cover Wars here at Hidden Track, but because of stupid IMEEM ...

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Brock Butler Added to Jam Cruise 9

I’m going to disperse with the formalities and journalistic pretense on this post and drop a “oh boy! oh boy! oh boy!” at today’s announcement that Brock Butler had been added to the already formidable ...

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