Kidzz: Two-Year-Old Duets With Dad On Beatles Classic


Watch Christian Diego Mello and son's take on Don't Let Me Down

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Kidzz: EV Glee Covers Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers


Watch the youngsters of EV Glee perform Stick With Me by Nicki and Tim Bluhm

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Kidzz: Nine-Year-Old Pianist Plays 20+ Song Medley That Includes Umphrey’s, Zappa, McCartney, Steely Dan, Floyd Covers


Watch nine-year-old piano prodigy Owen York deliver an impressive medley of rock tunes and more

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Kidzz: Six-Year-Old Drummer Nails Van Halen’s Hot For Teacher


Six-year-old drummer Avery Molek crushes a cover of Hot For Teacher by Van Halen

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The B List: 10 Best Kiddie Phish Videos


Watch 10 cute/hilarious videos of kids rockin' out to Phish.

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Video: Middle Schoolers Play Separate Ways

Journey’s Separate Ways covered by nine year old Vocalist Vincent Fondale, 11 year old Alex Raz on lead guitar, 9 year old Joey Sampson on drums, 12 year old Alexis Shook on bass and 13 ...

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Video: 13 Year Old Drummer Rocks YYZ

Sara, 13 Year Old Girl, Performs Rush’s YYZ View All

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The Kidzz Are Alright: Banjo Baby

I’m missing my nephews, who are currently living halfway around the world, pretty bad today. Luckily, this video cheered me right up: Kids are so cute, until they get to be about 16 and start ...

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Story of the Ghosts: Whose Bastard Is It?

Rupert and Stan from the Ghosts of Wayne Fontes blog do everything for the keeeedz. So let's turn our attention to their regular Thursday nonsense... While kids like you and me were busy ...

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The Kids Are Alright: Care Bears on Fire

Middle school can be rough, a time when even the most well-adjusted kids are doing everything they can to look as cool as possible in the company of others. But some kids are just born ...

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Pullin’ ‘Tubes: Take Us To The Weekend

As the Yankees and Angels get started on weekend beisbol, now’s the time to drop this week’s outro. This clip combines two of our favorite things: kids kicking ass and retro-rock stylings of The Bees, ...

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Pullin’ ‘Tubes: The Kidzz Are Alright

We’ve got a double dose of our regular Friday ”The Kidzz Are Alright” subset of Pullin’ ’Tubes. So instead of wasting time with our usual pre-video blather, let’s jump right into the magic and check in with ...

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