Leonard Cohen

Videos: HandFartMaster Covers Pink Floyd, Mumford and Sons, Beatles, Leonard Cohen, Simon and Garfunkel and More


Didn't think handfarting was a skill worth sharing? Think again our friends.

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Bloggy Goodness: Leonard Cohen to Play Arenas & Theaters / Amnesty International Tribute Features Levon, Carly & Warren


Leonard Cohen announces a tour and a new tribute to Amnesty International comes out.

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B List: Top 8 Upcoming Albums for 2012

BList (2)

A list of upcoming released to be excited about.

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Best of Cover Wars: Hallelujah Edition

[Originally Published: May 25, 2010] Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah, off his 1984 album Various Positions, is one of those songs that seems ubiquitous but the original version rarely heard. The song plays out as ...

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Bloggy Goodness: Third Man Record Store

With Jack White’s newest band, The Dead Weather, hitting up NYC’s Terminal 5 for shows over the next two nights, the ever busy guitarist turned drummer has decided to open a pop-up branch of his ...

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Bloggy Goodness: Which One Is Pink?

In these uncertain economic times, even musicians are looking to account for every penny that is owed to them. The members of Pink Floyd have filed a suit against their label, EMI, and its private ...

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Tour Dates: Dave’s Monster Tour

There haven’t been many bands over the last few years that have consistently hit the road as hard and as often as the Dave Matthews Band. The perennial road warriors will be at it again ...

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Intermezzo: 10KLF Is Gonna Rock Ya, Again

The lineup announcement for this year’s 10KLF comes out on January 21 and the festival’s promoters promise “the biggest announcement ever.” Our friends at Breakfast On Tour report that the lineup for the four day ...

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Pullin’ Tubes: Hallelujah

I think it would be safe to say that interest in mopey singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen may be at an all time high right now. Last week as the result of some dreadlocked clown on American ...

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