Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd Catalog Available On Spotify After Challenge Met


You can now stream the entire Pink Floyd catalog on Spotify

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Videos: HandFartMaster Covers Pink Floyd, Mumford and Sons, Beatles, Leonard Cohen, Simon and Garfunkel and More


Didn't think handfarting was a skill worth sharing? Think again our friends.

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Roger Waters and Billy Joel To Visit With Jimmy Fallon


Two members of rock royalty will sit for interviews with Jimmy Fallon.

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Roger Waters Concludes The Wall Tour in Quebec City


What does an 800-foot wall look like? Watch footage from Roger Waters' tour finale.

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Pink Floyd Channel Coming to SiriusXM / Roger Waters to Hold The Wall Finale in Quebec City on July 21


A roundup of two breaking Pink Floyd-related stories.

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Briefly: Roger Waters The Wall @ Fenway Park


Roger Waters will bring The Wall to Fenway Park on July 1.

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Pink Floyd / Creedence Clearwater Revival Reunions Unlikely


Don't expect to see CCR or Pink Floyd reunite in 2012.

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Video: Pearl Jam – Mother (Pink Floyd)

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon finished Pink Floyd Week on Friday by welcoming Pearl Jam for their version of Mother. When Eddie Vedder covers other artists, he generally doesn’t try to imitate their tone or phrasing as ...

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Video: MGMT w/ Bradford Cox – Lucifer Sam

I'll be the first to admit it - I never gave Jimmy Fallon's talk show career much of a chance. Boy was I wrong, Fallon puts out the best late night show on a ...

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Pink Floyd: David Gilmour and Roger Waters Reunited With Nick Mason Tonight

Last July Roger Waters made big news when he announced that his former Pink Floyd band mate David Gilmour would join him on stage at a The Wall gig to ...

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Entire Pink Floyd Catalog To Be Remastered

If you're like us you wore out your copies of Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, The Wall and other Pink Floyd albums in high school. On September 26 there ...

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Roger Waters: Gilmour Guest Spot Coming

If it seems like a long time since Roger Waters took to his Facebook page to break the news that his old Pink Floyd band mate David Gilmour would perform at one of Waters’ The ...

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Mason Open To Pink Floyd Reunion

When Roger Waters and David Gilmour reunited for a one-off charity gig, thoughts of hopeful music fans turned to the possibility of a more substantial Pink Floyd reunion since the famously feuding pair were able ...

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Bloggy Goodness: Get Well Chuck

At a performance at Congress Theatre in Chicago on New Year’s Day, influential Rock & Roll legend Chuck Berry collapsed on stage. According to an official statement on Berry’s website, the incident was attributed to ...

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Review: The Wall Endures the Test of Time

Roger Waters - The Wall @ MSG, November 6 All in All, You Were All Just Bricks in My Wall We all build walls. Everybody has their bricks. The question is, just how high do ...

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