Song Review: 8X8, ‘The Tie In’


This captivating musical force owes as much to progressive rock as it does The Zombies and Brian Wilson.

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‘Community’ Breakdown: ‘Cooperative Polygraph’

Community Cooperative Polygraph

This week’s Community is the classic bottle episode of the season.

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‘American Horror Story: Coven’: ‘Protect the Coven’

AHSC Protect the Coven

On this week’s America’s Next Supreme, Queenie returns to put her name back on the ballot. It's another solid outing with many great small moments.

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‘Sleepy Hollow’ Breakdown: ‘The Vessel’

Sleepy Hollow

After a month-long break, the danger in 'Sleepy Hollow' is still ever-present. Yet much of the energy feels lost after so many weeks without our team of Apocalypse fighters.

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‘How I Met Your Mother’ Breakdown: ‘Slapsgiving 3: Slappointment in Slapmarra’

How I Met Your Mother Slapsgiving

This week's slap-bet installment is a convoluted tale that stalls the forward momentum of the show. But at least it's entertaining.

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‘Girls’ Breakdown: ‘Truth or Dare’

Screen shot 2014-01-14 at 11.38.01 AM

This episode, a sort-of tongue-in-cheek half-nod to the road trip as plot device, is loaded with even more signs of how much Hannah and Adam have grown as a couple

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‘Girls’ Breakdown: ‘Females Only’

Girls Females Only

There are some truly compelling signs of emotional maturity (relationship-wise, at least) scattered throughout this episode, most notably the way each of them react to the coffee shop incident.

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Movie Review: ‘Her’

Her Spike Jonze

'Her' is an unconventional love story on the surface -- but at its core, it's much more simple and universal. It is our greatest story -- the story of everything.

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‘Community’ Breakdown: ‘Basic Intergluteal Numismatics’

Community Basic Intergluteal

This week’s 'Community: The Jeff Winger Show' tackles the crime drama genre by way of 'The Killing,' 'Hannibal,' and David Fincher.

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‘American Horror Story: Coven’ Breakdown: ‘The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks’

AHSC Stevie Nicks

This week, showrunner Ryan Murphy draws from 'Cloud Atlas' and Stevie Nicks lore to inspire his coven.

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Movie Review: ‘Saving Mr. Banks’


Emma Thompson is Oscar-worthy as 'Mary Poppins' writer P.L. Travers, but the rest of this sweet, safe film is lacking substance.

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Song Review: St. Vincent, ‘Digital Witness’

St. Vincent

Annie Clark's funky satire both maligns and celebrates what it truly means to be thoroughly Millennial.

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Josh Holloway’s Han Solo-Esque Charm Can’t Rescue Daft ‘Intelligence’ Pilot

Josh Holloway Intelligence

Holloway is cooler than CBS’ cheesy new drama could ever hope to be.

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Make Watching ‘Muscle Shoals’ Your First Pop Culture Resolution for 2014

The Swampers

The Muscle Shoals documentary has been out for months now. But if you haven’t seen it yet, consider this a strong recommendation -- especially if you live in the south.

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‘Community’ Breakdown: ‘Introduction to Teaching’

Community Introduction to Teaching

Jeff Winger struggles to become a teacher. Also: loads of hilarious Nicolas Cage jokes.

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