‘Girls’ Breakdown: ‘Free Snacks’

A far-fetched pop fantasy involving the collision of 'Girls' and 'Mad Men' is surely something that exists. Thankfully, such a fantasy is somewhat indulged in this week’s episode -- though not lightly.

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‘The Walking Dead’ Breakdown: ‘After’


This solid (if unremarkable) mid-season premiere offers few shocks but some nice character development.

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‘How I Met Your Mother’ Breakdown: ‘Sunrise’

HIMYM Sunrise

More fun guest stars — 'HIMYM' is trying to make a callback to every past episode this season, it seems — but do we need even more episodes about Ted’s love for Robin? Fortunately, this ...

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‘Girls’ Breakdown: ‘Only Child’


The disappointing but inevitable turning point initiated by last week’s episode continues with resilience in “Only Child,” pitting Hannah and Caroline against each other in what essentially is a battle of selves.

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‘Community’ Breakdown: ‘Analysis of Cork-Based Networking’

Community Analaysis of Cork-Based Networking

'Community' mocks 'Game of Thrones' culture in this decent episode.

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‘American Horror Story: Coven’ Breakdown: ‘The Seven Wonders’

AHSC Finale

This season decided to forego trying to out-gore and out-horror itself, and embraced the comedy of the genre instead. It was a campy, trendy season; and this finale tied it all together with a big ...

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‘How I Met Your Mother’ Breakdown: ‘How Your Mother Met Me’


So many answers, so many tears. This classic episode shows us how The Mother’s life intersected with Ted’s, and how close they came to almost meeting before the true first time.

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‘Girls’ Breakdown: ‘Dead Inside’

This week's episode deals with a variety of deaths, both literal and metaphorical.

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‘Community’ Breakdown: ‘Geothermal Escapism’


With Troy's departure, 'Community' goes for broke with a school-wide lava game competition.

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‘American Horror Story: Coven’ Breakdown: ‘Go to Hell’

AHSC Go to Hell

This penultimate episode ties up loose ends and sets up the sure-to-be-excellent finale.

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‘Sleepy Hollow’ Breakdown: ‘The Indispensible Man / Bad Blood’


The first season's incredible two-episode finale packs loads twists and cliffhangers.

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‘How I Met Your Mother’ Breakdown: ‘Unpause’


After the big stall of an episode last week, this one at least gives us answers to many lingering series-wide questions

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‘Girls’ Breakdown: ‘She Said OK’

The groundwork vibe of episodes one and two pays off quite nicely in a tidy, classic display of exactly why this show really works.

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‘Community’ Breakdown: ‘Cooperative Polygraph’

Community Cooperative Polygraph

This week’s Community is the classic bottle episode of the season.

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‘American Horror Story: Coven’: ‘Protect the Coven’

AHSC Protect the Coven

On this week’s America’s Next Supreme, Queenie returns to put her name back on the ballot. It's another solid outing with many great small moments.

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