Classic Wilco – Jeff Tweedy and Co. @ the Vic 1996

Way back in 1996, just two short years after the band came together, modern music television program JBTV aired much of Wilco’s homecoming performance at The Vic Theatre in Chicago from November 27, 1996. JBTV, a show which is still on the air today after over 27 years, broadcast 12 songs in all as well as a batch of often funny interview footage.

We came across a new-to-YouTube clip containing the hour-long program which kicks off with the show’s host chatting with the members of Wilco of which only Jeff Tweedy and John Stirratt are still in the band. Among the tunes included are both the “country” and “rock” versions of Passenger Side, a rollicking Monday complete with a horn section and a cover of the Goffin/King classic Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? Thanks to wilcoclubvideos for sharing…

Wilco – Full Concert Chicago 1996

Set: I Must Be High, Passenger Side (Country), Passenger Side (Rock), Outtasite, Monday, The Lonely 1, Box Full Of Letters, Gun, Someone Else’s Song,  Hotel Arizona, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow, Sunken Treasure

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  1. bryontreece Reply

    Thanks for this, Scotty!

  2. Dayjob1978 Reply

    This was an awesome show. I have a soft spot in my heat for Hotel Arizona.

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