F4tF: Los Angeles Adventure, Pt. 2 – The Santa Monica Farmer’s Market

After walking around I came upon another juice vendor, Bernard Ranches.  This time I went for the grapefruit instead.   This is a small, family run company that uses no pesticides.  Their slogan is “we grow what we sell”.  This is true farm to table product.  Again, the freshness of the juice and the surprising slight sweetness were a treat for the taste buds.  Said on their sign they only attend eight farmer’s markets a year.  Glad I got to catch them at one of them.

The produce at the market was colorful, and bountiful.  Here are some of the food pictures I shot that day

There were lots of people out and about in the market yet it never seemed too crowded.  Here are some different shots from around the market that day:

The most unique product I saw that day that I had never seen before?  The Hemp Seed Pesto from Basiltops.  Their motto is “from seed to sauce”.  Tasted real good too…

More LA to come next week.

Have a great and safe Labor Day Weekend everyone!

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