Faux The Archives Vol. 2 – A Phish Compilation

One of my favorite parts of Phish festivals are the From The Archives shows broadcast over each event’s radio station that feature amazing segments from the band’s archive. These programs, hosted by Phish archivist Kevin Shapiro, have been a staple of the group’s festivals since Clifford Ball. Earlier this summer, I decided to put together a compilation of tracks I’d choose if I got to host an episode of From The Archives. I shared these choices with our pal KernelForbin who downloaded the segments from the Phish Spreadsheet and lovingly remastered them for the first installment of a series we’ve dubbed “Faux The Archives.” Today, we present Faux The Archives Volume 2.

We’ll debut Faux The Archives – Volume 2 in ThePhish room on Turntable.FM starting at 2PM ET this afternoon. Once we’ve finished running through the tracks, a download link will be posted at ThePhish.fm. We start with the 1st and only known version of Phish covering The Chicken by James Brown. Then, we offer arguably the best-ever performance of Fee that goes beyond the 20-minute mark and earns the rare “-> Jam” distinction on Phish.net. Next, we’ve got what I like to dub “Smells Like An Antelope” and a severely underrated Tweezer from 1994 that contains a “Slave-like” jam. From there, we give you a Bathtub Gin sandwich, also from ’94, that contains only the second (and last) Phish cover of Jump Monk by Mingus as the filling. An extremely unusual My Sweet One leads into the powerful closing combo of the Deer Creek ’97 Harry Hood (the band changes the usual D-A-G end jam to B-A-G) and the Brickhouse YEM from ’95.

Faux The Archives – Volume 2

03/11/88 – The Chicken (05:25)
07/08/99 – Fee > Jam (21:25)
04/12/92 – Run Like An Antelope (13:09)
12/09/94 – Tweezer (26:08)
04/24/94 – Bathtub Gin > Jump Monk > Bathtub Gin (11:40)
03/31/92 – My Sweet One (03:08)
08/10/97 – Harry Hood (14:37)
11/18/95 – You Enjoy Myself (30:41)

Total Time: 02:06:15

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8 thoughts on “Faux The Archives Vol. 2 – A Phish Compilation

  1. Matthew Reply

    Any chance of getting the download posted somewhere else, for those of us in Canada that can’t use TT?

  2. Adam Reply

    Love this Hood — one of my favorites. The first set of this show is often overlooked due to the monster Cities to open set II, but the Gin, SOAM+-, and Hood from Set 1 were my favorites from that night.

  3. OceDoc Reply

    Nice work Scott as always…

    God speed….


  4. nich Reply

    ha. i read the first Faux-Archives thing and i mentioned the VA Beach Fee is Priority #1 for a better sounding copy.

    And here it is… Since Coil->Slave and the Hartford Zero were in part 1, I guess the Fee is just the logical choice for the next round.

    For a second i got confused and thought the 8/10 Hood was the 8/14 Hood->Forbins… 8/10 is a freaking SMOKESHOW, but man that Hood Outro->Only -> into Forbins ever gets no love thanks to those Pranksters.

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