GUTML Announce Inaugural Awesometown

Give Us The Money Lebowski, The Breakfast, Dr. Fameus (feat. Allen Aucoin of the Disco Biscuits), Juggling Suns, Scarecrow Collection, The Brew, Turbine, PUSH, Unexplained Bacon, Squirrelmaster, Roamer, Project222, Ayatollah Fancy and the Thursday Night All-Stars, Mark (JS) & Nick (SCC), Jordan Simms, Mark Kozielec
And more TBA….

A limited number of special early-bird tickets will go on sale for $40 beginning March 1. Once this allotted amount of tickets is sold out, ticket prices will increase to $55. Visit for additional information on the lineup, how to volunteer, directions, as well as answers to some questions you may have.

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30 thoughts on “GUTML Announce Inaugural Awesometown

  1. rabbi of the beat Reply

    Anyone want to give “umm” a good donkey punch to the head?
    Mr.(serious industry insider) seems to take this a little too seriously. Just go watch some music and shut the fuck up.

  2. fat_matt Reply

    i just want to listen to some groovy tunes and treat objects like women.

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  4. peter Reply

    I am waaay late on this, but “ummm…” is a major douchebag cuntface. I know him. He takes himself too seriously.

    Funtown? More like Lametown!

    Booyah “Jiggles”??? I know who you are too! You’re Mr. Ummm’s hula hooping friend.

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