Hidden Flick: Another Life, Brother

Written and directed by Nacho Vigalondo, Timecrimes (as the film is known in its English-translated title) also co-stars the director as the inventor of a time machine, which works in a way that one can never quite imagine, encircling and pounding the animalistic fate of a man’s destiny home in a rather unique and fascinating way. The bent beaut stars Karra Elejalde as a soul who will either teach you to never look into the two round holes of binoculars again, or believe in the concepts of a space-time continuum controlled by man’s free will, instead of his inevitable fate.

The path is clear though no eyes can see…the course laid down long before…and so with Gods and men, the sheep remain inside their pen…though many times they’ve seen the way to leave…

What is most striking about this concept is how the man chooses to follow his path; although, he has several opportunities to change his course within the realm of the odd time machine which rests at the center of this rather clever, brilliant, and horrifying tale of man’s survival instincts.

There is only the next step, leading one ever onwards, as the battle between the forces of light and dark, time and space, and the notion that a film, a Cinema Show, has to progress in a linear fashion with images that tell you exactly what is going on are discarded by the God of Time Travelers who can determine WHEN they are, but not WHO they are.

Yeah. Right there. Whoop. An incredible opportunity. A gift. Hey, Rael, supper’s ready.

So…what have we got here, thus far? Mirrors and unwashed bastards and circumstantial events and an alternate temporal universe and tragic wisdom and two round holes of binoculars, and, always, ALWAYS, that clever, brilliant sense of a horrifying tale of man’s survival instincts…

Ahhh…but we get ahead of ourselves, don’t we? There must be some misunderstanding, there must be some mistake…I went to the places…I rang your house…jumped in my car…I went round there…still don’t believe it…he was just leaving…there must be some misunderstanding…

Los Cronocrímenes shimmers ‘neath a silver series of clouds that neither judge or abdicate its hollowed throne, and one is left breathless at the mysterious truth dancing amongst the stars on the outer rim of its sinister credo: we will do what it takes to get by, and we will find a way to move forward, and we will one day look in the mirror, and that blood, that very blood coming from another source, is really all our own. Wandering in the Garden of our Dreams, we hear the Piper, feel the cool bite of the Seven Below, witness the Return, come fumbling back onto the streets—the Lamb heads up Broadway.

To walk away from time or towards time—that is the question…that is the mirror.

Stand up to the blow that fate has struck upon you; make the most of all you still have coming to you, whispers the trees and the clock spins once again…another life, brother.

- Randy Ray

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  1. Kiley Lyons Reply

    Awesome movie. Bizarre, overly sexual and a very interesting concept.

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