Hidden Track Giveaway: Phish Ventura Big Kahuna Bundle + Exclusive Audio Of Makisupa Policeman From Phish Ventura

The next Phish live archival release, Ventura, features two shows the quartet played at the Ventura County Fairgrounds in Ventura, California on July 30, 1997 and July 20, 1998. Though only a year separated the two shows, the band had a completely different sound at each appearance and delivered two outstanding performances. This audio-only release provides official recordings of two shows for which excellent audience recordings have never surfaced due to in part to the wind at the venue.

The box set is available for pre-order ahead of its June 18 release date from Dry Goods and those who purchase will receive a 10-track sampling of the band’s March 21st, 1993 show at Ventura Theatre called “BuenaVentura.” In addition to the 6-cd box set, pre-order options include bundles which feature Ventura koozies, t-shirts and posters.

As part of our Everybody Wins When We Plug Something And In Return They Offer Us Free Shit To Give Away program, we’ve got three copies of the complete Phish “Ventura” box set to giveaway PLUS a Big Kahuna Bundle which contains  the all new 6-CD “Ventura” box set, Little Stevie Water Ski T on Purple and your choice of Koozie®. To enter, simply leave a comment below telling us about your favorite Phish Summer Tour. You can enter a second time by following us and then tweeting the year of your favorite Phish Summer Tour at us. Let us know by including both “@hidden_track” AND “#phventura″ in your tweet. We’ll give you a third chance to snag one of the sets by telling us the year that your favorite Phish Summer Tour took place on our Facebook wall. Once the contest entry period closes we’ll tally all the entries from our comments section, Facebook and Twitter and pick four winners at random.

Here’s the fine print…

  • To enter the contest, leave a comment below telling us about your favorite Phish Summer Tour
  • You can enter a second time by leaving a similar comment on the wall of the Hidden Track Facebook Page
  • You can enter a third time by following @hidden_track and tweeting your favorite Phish Summer Tour at us and including both “@hidden_track” AND “#phventura″ in your tweet
  • Your comment(s) must be left by 11:59 PM EST on June 14
  • Anybody entering more than once a piece on Facebook, Twitter and at the bottom of this post will be disqualified, tarred and feathered (If you have a problem leaving a comment and it doesn’t appear, you won’t be penalized for trying a second time)
  • Four winners will be selected at random from all entries
  • The first winner chosen will win the Big Kahuna bundle, while the other three will each receive a Phish Ventura box set courtesy of Phish Inc.
  • HT staff members are not eligible to win

And now, feast your ears on this sensational version of Makisupa Policeman from Ventura…

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227 thoughts on “Hidden Track Giveaway: Phish Ventura Big Kahuna Bundle + Exclusive Audio Of Makisupa Policeman From Phish Ventura

  1. Jeff Volckhausen Reply

    Summer 97 for me, completely gets over looked by Fall 97. Summer 97 was a warm up funk party for what would come that following Fall.

    Runner up: Summer 94. GAMEHENDGE!

  2. AK Reply

    Europe 96

  3. Jc Reply

    Summer 97 all the way!

  4. Yesgoz Reply

    Summer 98

  5. chrislane Reply

    though i only saw the great went: summer 1997.

  6. Zane Reply

    summer 97

  7. Jason Reply

    My favorite summer tour, by far, was/is Summer 1995.

  8. Mike Reply

    Summer 95. First summer with phish :)

  9. Ricky Reply

    Summer ’09. I was late to get into Phish, and never thought I would be able to see them. The reunion was a dream come true.

  10. Matt Reply

    Summer of ’09 because I was a Coventry and never thought that I’d see it happen.

  11. Leo Reply

    Summer ’98

  12. Richard Reply

    Fall ’98, b/c of Halloween

  13. Josh Reply

    summer 98

  14. silt Reply

    Summer 94 is my favorite.

  15. Michael Mason Reply

    Summer ’96.

  16. Drew Reply

    Summer 2000!

    FIrst live show! PNC Arts Center in NJ. They launched into Chalkdust and I was hooked. Saw them 3 times that summer and have seen’em at 30 times since. Damn fine time.

  17. John Reply

    I saw 10 shows apiece in 99 and 00, but seeing 6.17.11 in my hometown and getting my first Forbin’s / Mockingbird + Icculus (!) was more than I ever expected. They even talked about my neighborhood, NoDa! So, even though I only saw that one show in 2011, it’ll always be my favorite summer tour.

  18. CashCrowe Reply

    I’m kind of a noob, so I’ll say Summer ’11. If for no other reason than that magical Memorial Day Weekend at Bethel Woods!

  19. BRYANT Reply

    Summer 97′ start/stop Phunk! “I could Really Use More Cowbell!!!”

  20. T Reply

    Summer 98

  21. Tyler Reply


    • Scott Bernstein Reply

      Picking the winners (using random.org) tomorrow. good luck!

  22. Gaines Reply

    Would say summer 98 but I didn’t go cause I was 7. So, I will have to say 2012. ::Shields body from flying tomatoes::

  23. Steve in Maine Reply

    Summer ’97 FTW.

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