Introducing: Umphrey’s McGee 15th Anniversary Tour Program

Nearly as old as rock and roll itself is the concert tour program. Before the internet age took hold, you would regularly find tour programs for sale at venue merch tables for artists from all genres and levels of success. It allows fans to find out more about the band they just saw in concert and gives them a keepsake to bring home with them. In recent years the tour program has become the domain of legacy acts and mainstream hitmakers…until now. Umphrey’s McGee will sell a 48-page 15th Anniversary Concert Program through their website and at the merch table for 2013 UM concerts.


An editorial team consisting of Umphrey’s organization members, myself and a few other valuable contributors have spent the last six months creating a kickass document worthy of the band’s first foray into tour programs. Among the treats inside are band biographies, a look at the touring vehicles of Umphrey’s McGee throughout the years, band member-penned lists, a page for each year of the band’s existence featuring photos, multiple pages of memorabilia shots, a crossword puzzle and much more. There’s something for everyone, from UM “virgins” attending their first show to hard-core Umphreaks. The program even includes a scorecard and lists of all Umphrey’s songs and covers to help you keep track of the setlist at a particular show.

For an example of a “Year Page,” check out the 2003 page…

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To purchase an Umphrey’s McGee 15th Anniversary Tour Program, stop by the merch table at an upcoming UM show or head HERE. We’re also giving away an autographed copy of the program as thanks for reading our pitch. To enter, simply leave a comment below telling us your favorite Umphrey’s show of the past 15 years. You can only enter once and we’ll pick a comment at random shortly after the contest ends at 11:59PM ET on February 20th.

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59 thoughts on “Introducing: Umphrey’s McGee 15th Anniversary Tour Program

  1. Puff Reply

    04/04/03 • Lincoln Theatre • Raleigh , NC

    Set 1: The Triple Wide, Walletsworth, The Fussy Dutchman > Andy’s Last Beer, Last Man Swerving, Blue Echo > Phil’s Farm, In the Flesh

    Set 2: Hurt Bird Bath > Jimmy Stewart, All in Time, Utopian Fir > Peter Gunn Theme > Every Breath You Take > Drums*, White Man’s Moccasins
    Encore: Power to Love

    *Jake, Andy, and Kris
    -Kris’s birthday

    Jake on percussion…what?!?!? That was tight. It was a warm welcome in Raleigh for Kris, both because of his birthday but also because it was one of the first tours he had been on, and the first time in Raleigh for certain. It was the day-after-my-birthday show, so to party it up 2 nights in a row was a welcome act for me, too.

    I like this show because it was a great combination of solid, tour-tested classics, covers, and all-out inspiring jams, including a Jimmy Stewart out of HBB. ‘In The Flesh’ and ‘Power To Love’ had ridiculous energy, and the ‘Utopian Fir > Peter Gunn Theme > Every Breath You Take > Drums’ segment was out of this world. Now I gotta find a copy of this show!

  2. stems Reply

    One of those February 2-night stands at the Barrymore, probably in ’03. Memories of those days got a little hazy, but I do recall that Vic beer bong. For some reason, I recall that being a Disco Biscuits show.

  3. Michelle Litvack Reply

    How can I pick one show!? Out of all the 76 times I have seen them play, each show is better than the last and not as good as the one before. They are all epic!
    A memorable one for me was my 10th show. Second night at Rothbury misic festival!!! They were on fire!!!!!!!!!
    I’m pregnant and my baby has already been to 10 shows!!!!!!

  4. B-Lee Reply

    6/5/2008 at the Intersection in Grand Rapids, MI.

    Intentions>Syncopated… enough said.

  5. RepdaMid Reply

    Umphrey’s free show at the Lincoln Park Zoo April 22 2007, only went to the show because it was free and some friends were heading there, I didn’t know of Umphrey’s then but by the time the show was over, I knew who my new favorite band was!

  6. Jacques Reply


    Groove Holmes

  7. HeddySteve Reply

    10/19/07 10,000 Lakes Festival

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