Jam Cruise Files: Stanton Moore

HT: You’ve seen the growth of Jam Cruise from a small boat for the first trip to last year’s cruise on the massive Poesia. Do you feel the sense of intimacy and community has been compromised at all?

SM: I don’t think so. Bands and fans still all interact all the time.  There’s just more people to interact with now.

HT: What were some of your favorite moments from last year’s voyage?

SM: Playing Soul Power with Maceo Parker during George Porter’s super jam on  the pool deck.

HT:  Are there any artists on this year’s cruise that you are especially looking forward to interacting with?

SM: Yes!  Maceo Parker!!!

HT: What was your favorite moment of any of the Jam Cruises?

SM: Playing last year with…   MACEO PARKER!!!

HT:  You’ll be performing with at least three separate acts on Jam Cruise 9, were you hesitant to book yourself with all three acts for this trip?

SM: No,  I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I wasn’t playing.  Don’t get me wrong, when it’s time to take a vacation, I can chill out. But when I’m working and there’s music to be played,  I want to be playing!

HT:  Do you think you will still hit the Jam Room despite having so many other gigs on board?

SM: Sure.

HT:  Do you have any advice for first time cruisers?

SM: Have fun,  but remember to pace yourself.  Drinking water between cocktails is always a good idea!

There are less than 75 cabins available for Jam Cruise 9. Be sure to visit jamcruise.com to book your trip before it sells out.

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