Pink Floyd Catalog Available On Spotify After Challenge Met

This past Thursday Pink Floyd proposed a deal to their fans. The band promised that once the track Wish You Were Here was streamed one million times on Spotify, they would make their entire catalog available on the popular streaming service. Well the goal has just been hit and as promised every single Pink Floyd album is now available on Spotify.


Thankfully, the studio albums available on Spotify are all the 2011 remasters, sporting the best audio quality to date of LPs like Meddle, The Wall and Wish You Were Here. Spotify users can head over to the Pink Floyd artist page to stream away.



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5 thoughts on “Pink Floyd Catalog Available On Spotify After Challenge Met

  1. liffy Reply

    What’s the big deal? They’ve been on Rdio for years.

    • Scott Bernstein Reply

      24 million Spotify users can now stream the whole Pink Floyd catalog. That’s a big deal in my book.

  2. Eric G Reply

    we still need Beatles, Eagles and Zep

  3. Ed Reply

    Love it. Can free up gigs by removing my Floyd catalog from “offline” Spotify use. And yes, definitely need the Beatles and LZ

  4. Greg Pittz Reply

    Hopefully this allows the masses to discover the REAL gem of their catalog, “Animals”. That, and “Shine On Part 2″. Nobody ever talks about those, and they’re the best things that the band has ever done IMO.

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