The B List: 10 Celebrity Phish Fans

Yes, we know the focus should be on the incredible 45-minute Rock and Roll > Ghost segment from last night’s Phish tour-opener in Long Beach, but we couldn’t help but be intrigued by pop star Justin Bieber and his nearly-as-famous girlfriend Selena Gomez taking in their first Phish show.

Biebs is far from the only celebrity Phish fan as for this week’s B List we’ll detail nine others.

1. Justin Bieber

Last night Bieber attended his first Phish show after years of hearing about the band’s greatness from Dan Kanter, the 18-year-old’s guitarist and musical director. Kanter is a longtime fan and struck up a friendship with bassist Mike Gordon. Dan finally convinced his boss to check out a show and from the looks of the tweet above he enjoyed it.

2. January Jones

The Man Men star told GQ that she was a fan of the band in her younger years…

“I hung out with dudes in high school,” she says. “We were the hippies—into the Dead, Zeppelin, Phish. I was a lifeguard at the water park, and I remember the day Jerry died. Over the loudspeaker, it said: ‘Jerry Garcia has died. Everybody meet in the parking lot.’ I probably shouldn’t say that—we were saving lives! But that was definitely a sit-in-the-chair-with-sunglasses afternoon.”

3. Travie McCoy

The Gym Class Heroes singer attended a Phish show at the War Memorial in Syracuse back in 2009 and raved about it on Twitter.  “These dudes are BEASTS! Such a dick for never giving this band an honest chance. Such a great show,Trey is a shredder,” and “most devoted fans Ive ever seen,not a single soul standig (sic) still in the entire place. My hat is off to these guys yo.”

4. Bill Hader

In 2009 the Saturday Night Live star told Entertainment Weekly that he saw 12 Phish shows during his high school days.

The person or band you’ve seen most often in concert?

There was a time in high school when I was at a lot of Phish shows. I didn’t follow them, but I saw them maybe 12 times. I’ve been to about10 Radiohead shows. It’s between them.

5. Danny Tamberelli

Perhaps the most devoted Phish fan on this list, the Pete & Pete star has been seeing the band for well over a decade and still catches Phish shows when he’s not busy as the bassist and vocalist in scene fixtures Jounce.

6. Fred Savage

Another longtime fan, the Wonder Years star struck up a friendship with Phish and even mentioned them during an appearance on Late Night With Conan O’Brien. Just today Savage mentioned his experience at Phish’s New Year’s Eve performance at MSG on December 31, 1998.

@ great show!! 1999 opener and runaway jim took us to midnight.
Fred Savage

7. Sean Avery

This controversial NHLer considers Trey Anastasio amongst his friends and has attended a handful of shows since Phish returned in 2009. Avery even brought Big Red to the locker room after a Rangers game in 2009 and used Tweezer Reprise as music on his website.

8. Todd Snider

Singer-songwriter Todd Snider listed Joy and Phish’s version of Exile On Main Street among his top albums of 2009. Anastasio is a fan of Snider’s as mentioned in a 2009 interview with Time Out.

9. Bill Walton

While this basketball Hall of Fame is best known as a Deadhead who saw over 600 shows, he’s also a Phish fan who tries to catch the band when he can. His first show took place at Madison Square Garden on December 31, 2002 when the band came back from a hiatus. During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that took place after his first show, Walton raved about the experience.

10. Adam Levine

I had a dream that I got to sing purple rain with Phish in Vermont and we killed it. The dream was epic enough to be reality…
Adam Levine

The Maroon 5 lead singer has never hid his love for Phish going so far as to tell Rolling Stone that one show “changed his life,” saying he was “physically torn apart and spiritually moved by the experience.” More recently, he tweeted about a dream he had involving the band.

More Celebrity Phish Fans: Danny Devito, Aron Rolston, Conan O’Brien, Fran Drescher, Peter Gammons, Matisyahu, Ben & Jerry and Paul Dano.

Who did we miss? Leave a comment below to let us know.

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52 thoughts on “The B List: 10 Celebrity Phish Fans

    • Jamie Reply

      There were no MSG shows in 2009…2009 was American Airlines Arena in Miami

      • Fall tour '09 Reply

        Dec 2,3,4 of 2009 say you are wrong

  1. Mike Reply

    I know I’ve heard plenty of Phish references on SportsCenter. There was one guy who used the line “Just as Trey Anastasio is to Phish, so too is (player) to (his team)” Also, Linda Cohn is a fellow Vermonter and fan.

  2. Jamie Reply

    I hate to say it or associate with her, but Ann Coulter I believe was on a show on vh1 about hippies or something a few years ago, Im pretty sure she mentioned Phish. Also Keller Williams was on it…

  3. Sta Reply

    Isn’t Dave Letterman a fan? He’s had the boys on a bunch of times.

  4. ali Reply

    sighting of maggie ghyllenhaal on subway en route to ph show

  5. MediumWalter Reply

    Joseph Gordon Levitt, Tom Hanks and Danny Devito

    • Tim Reply

      That is just about the coolest thing I’ve ever heard. Brandford and Bela are beasts in their own right

  6. eafoto Reply

    Great article Scott! FYI, I’m from Nashville, and remember the night A Live One was released. We were driving by a Krispy Kreme and noticed Bela Fleck and Branford Marsalis in the parking lot, standing beside their car, and full on raging to it!!!

    • Tim Reply

      Whoops.. accidentally replied to the wrong guy.

      That is just about the coolest thing I’ve ever heard. Brandford and Bela are beasts in their own right

  7. Daniel Reply

    I saw Bill Paxton from Twister, Big Love at the Hollywood Bowl last summer…he was getting down!

  8. Alex Reply

    If you’re any kind of artist or entertainment industry professional at all, you have to have some basic level of respect for Phish. They made it huge without using any of the traditional means of making it in the field.

    And of course, let’s not forget the obvious. Phish is badass.

  9. My Fellow Prisoners Reply

    MMA fighter Clay Guida.

    Also, American Idol semi finalist Crystal Bowersox.

  10. headyesq Reply

    The Rangers used to use Reprise coming back on this ice after intermission.

  11. August_93 Reply

    Laura Prepon (That 70′s Show) went to the Great Went.

    Michael Rosenbaum (Smallville) went to the Clifford Ball and was at the Hollywood Bowl show last year.

    Christie Clark (Days of Our Lives) went to Big Cypress and other shows.

  12. nicole Reply

    I see Jeff Austin from Yonder at shows all the time.

    Whitney Port from The Hills and The City went to a show during the last New Years run and posted rave reviews on her website.

  13. Moodizafa Reply


    Just a little editing feedback, Aron Ralston is actually spelled with an ‘a’ and not an ‘o’ Thank you for the correction.

    Prior to the entire world learning of Aron, he was a dedicated fan and maintains his love for the music even to this day.

    We were lucky enough to boogie down at the Civic all weekend in SF. What a memorable run! -Moods

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