The B List: Top Nine Albums of 2012…So Far

It being Friday, and just shy of half-way through the ninth month of the year, this morning I (@andykahn) decided on a whim to tweet out my Top 9 Albums of 2012 (so far). Along with the nine I chose, I also added a handful of, “Honorable Mentions,” that didn’t quite make the cut. With a quarter of the year left, 2012 has thus far proven to be another impressive year of album releases.

#9 album of 2012 (so far) @ “Beware and Be Grateful”

#8 album of 2012 (so far) @ “Is Your Love Big Enough?”

#7 album of 2012 (so far) @ “An Awesome Wave”

#5 album of 2012 (so far) David Byrne & @ “Love This Giant”

#4 album of 2012 (so far) @ “Swing Lo Magellan”

#3 album of 2012 (so far) Fiona Apple “The Idler Wheel…”

#2 album of 2012 (so far) @ “Django Django”

2012 Albums (so far) Honorable Mentions part 1: @, @, @, @, Animal Collective

2012 Albums (so far) Honorable Mentions part 2: @, @, Rocket Juice & The Moon, @, @

With any list like this there’s sure to be some agreement and disagreement. Tweet me (@andykahn) and @Hidden_Track what your favorite records of 2012 have been or leave a note in the comments below. I’m also always on the lookout for upcoming releases, so let us know what’s on the horizon that might make a Top 10 or Top 11 list.


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12 thoughts on “The B List: Top Nine Albums of 2012…So Far

  1. MightyIcculus Reply

    Trampled by Turtles – “Stars and Satellites”
    These United States – “These United States”

  2. Guy Forget Reply

    Really solid list. But there are some stellar albums that aren’t on there:
    Beach House
    Cate Le Bon
    Alabama Shakes
    Jack White

    • bryontreece Reply

      I’m with you on the, Guy. Blunderbuss is better than any of the albums mentioned, in my opinion, & Alabama Shakes definitely deserve a shout as well.

  3. wyllys Reply

    Alabama Shakes are worst band ever

  4. Scott Bernstein Reply


    10. Dr. John
    9. Jimmy Herring
    8. Lettuce
    7. Bruce Springsteen
    6. Beach House
    5. Trampled By Turtles
    4. Father John Misty
    3. Fang Island
    2. Byrne and St. Vincent
    1. Jack White

  5. Andy Kahn Reply

    Good call on the Alabama Shakes record. It should have been an Honorable Mention. IT maybe would have made the Top 9 but I’m not a fan of the production (too muddy) on the album.
    I liked the Jack White record, it just didn’t hit me like some of his other stuff has.

    Scotty- great list, even if it is one more than mine :)

  6. Ryan Dembinsky Reply

    I have some mixed feelings on Alabama Shakes. They have some really good songs and powerful vocals, but their catalog is real thin and the music is pretty basic. They got big so fast, hopefully they can slow it down and write some new stuff and grow into themselves.

    • treysflannel Reply

      Couldn’t agree more with Sean. Grizzly Bear is amazing and Shields is a top 5 record this year in my opinion. It is really something else and it takes about 5 listens to truly discover the beauty of it. I saw them live at Radio City a couple of weeks ago and I must say I was even more impressed than I originally expected to be.

  7. Sean Reply

    Grizzly Bear for me really takes the cake with their latest. Such a grower. I wasn’t even a huge fan until this new one.

  8. zappafrank Reply

    Father John Misty, easily.

  9. gary Reply

    Arrow by Heartless Bastards would be on my list

  10. Sonny Reply

    Tame Impala’s album “Lonerism” in my opinion is the best album of the year by far. If you haven’t heard, please check it out, it’s phenomenal!


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