The Knit Turns 20: A Town Hall Benefit

Flanked by my esteemed colleagues Neddy and Double J, I attended last night’s benefit concert to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Old Knitting Factory.

Times Square’s Town Hall hosted Michael Dorf‘s celebratory concert, with proceeds going to benefit John Zorn’s The Stone. The Knit founder offered us a slew of performances from incredible artists like Marc Ribot, Zorn, Medeski Martin & Wood (although Chris Wood didn’t make it and was replaced by Oren Bloedow), Laurie Anderson, Mike Doughty, Steven Bernstein, Joe Lovano, Lee Ranaldo, Don Byron, Roy Nathanson, Ben Perowsky, DJ Spooky, Lou Reed and many others.

The show itself was, well, not awesome. Some pairings were rough, some acts off-putting. The best ones had less time to play and the weird ones took way too long. I’ll forgo a longer, more in-depth review in favor of Neddy’s upcoming thoughts (check back soon), but I wanted to at least post this short clip I took of Lou Reed, my first time seeing him perform. And despite his choice of a leather shirt and pants combo — or was that pleather? — he’s pretty fucking cool:

YouTube Preview Image

And here are some bonus clips I took of MM…B? and the train-wreck of a Sgt. Pepper’s finale that left everyone fairly speechless, in a bad way.

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6 thoughts on “The Knit Turns 20: A Town Hall Benefit

  1. january_collection Reply

    holy shit that Sgt Peppers is a disaster!

  2. Jimmy the Nick Reply

    Whoa. That Sgt. Peppers looks like a bad senior talent show ensemble.

  3. Ace Cowboy Reply

    I hate to even put it this way, but that was the best part of it!

  4. Jesse Reply

    Y’know, the show might’ve been a wanky clusterfuck, but it was way more *fun* than the nice-and-neat orderliness of the Tibet House benefit on Monday. Their encore, by contrast, was the entirely predictable self-righteous Patti Smith songalong “Power to the People.” I love Patti, but I’ll take an imploding attempt at “Sgt. Pepper” any day.

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