You think you know your friends?  Go spend spend a little time trolling through their music.  Sure, you go to concerts together, talk music, send each other songs…and then BOOM: you see they’ve been shamelessly listening to K-pop for three weeks.

When you’re knee deep in the recesses of a friends music collection, you really start question how well you know them… Like, “Who the hell is this guy?  Is he really listening to Rihanna right now?”  It makes you wonder what else they’re capable of…

…JUST like in the film Universal Soldiers:  Jean Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren were buddies in Vietnam…until Dolph went berserk and started cutting off the ears of innocent civilians.  Paralyzed with confusion, JCVD watched in horror from afar.

Sometimes I feel like JCVD… just in shock on the sidelines while my buddies plow through Top 40 tracks like a gaggle of 7th grade girls.

But then again JCVD pulled it together and beat Dolph Lungdren’s ass in Vietnam, where they both subsequently died, were cryogenically frozen, woke up as robots, and fought again in 1992 (as robots).

Anyway, thats what this VDIF MixTape is all about:  kicking ass, friendship and time travel.  Happy Friday.

Sept Friday Mixtape by kevin smallwood on Grooveshark

As always, you can find this playlist on spotify.  Thanks to everyone that helped out on this.

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